Value histogram for hg38.gwasCatalog.pValueDesc
(between families)192 
(EA, women)161 
(East Asian)147 
(EA, men)135 
(Native Hawaiian)123 
(liability model)123 
(Age 20-60 years)75 
(Modelling analysis)73 
(Trans/trans-18:2, EA)57 
(Serum level of C4)57 
(Recessive model)53 
(Dominant model)51 
(OCB positive vs. controls)45 
(FEV1/FVC, Ever-smoking)44 
(Cis/trans-18:2, EA)43 
(IGFBP-3 )41 
(less than or equal to)39 
(Allelic model)38 
(ATA positive)38 
(FEV1/FVC, Pack-years)36 
(EA, fixed effects)34 
(Ordinal I)32 
(overall survival)32 
(Additive Model)31 
(Age 20-81 years)30 
(5 degree of freedom test)28 
(MCP1 )28 
(Meta-All, NSCL/P)27 
(Mean Arterial Pressure)27 
(anti-dsDNA +)26 
(Diet carbohydrate )26 
(subset analysis)25 
(daytime resting)25 
(Perc15, All)24 
(%LAA-950, All)24 
(AA-triglyceride response)23 
(phenotype 1)23 
(phenotype 3)22 
(Comparatively Younger)21 
(European ancestry)21 
(Ordinal II)21 
(Trans-16:1n-7, EA)21 
(Obesity class I)21 
(Fat mass )19 
(Vigorous activity )19 
(Pubertal growth)19 
(IL6 )19 
(phenotype 2)19 
(Weight change )18 
(East Asians)18 
(daytime napping duration)17 
(ACPA+ cases vs. all controls)17 
(Urinary free epinephrine )17 
(all cases vs. all controls)17 
(FDR adjusted)17 
(Energy storage )17 
(same direction)17 
(Obesity class II)17 
(Sleep duration )17 
(Total cHL)16 
(int, MW)16 
(Protective effects against CHB)16 
(AA-glucose response)16 
(Age 8)16 
(Clearance of HBV)16 
(FEV1/FVC decline in asthmatics)16 
(EA, MCV)16 
(East Asian women)15 
(ACPA-positive RA vs controls)15 
(sleep duration)15 
(disease-free survival)15 
(TBF-b1 )15 
(ACA positive)15 
(Urinary free dopamine )15 
(Light activity )15 
(Diet protein )15 
(Ajusted for ApoE)15 
(Mexican American)15 
(sleep onset irregularity)14 
(Right HG area)14 
(sleep duration, weekdays)14 
(TSH - Males)14 
(conditional on rs749671,CYP2C9*2 and CYP2C9*3, Brazilians)14 
(daytime resting duration, weekdays)14 
(Pulse Pressure)14 
(Diet fat )14 
(Men + Women)13 
(eosinophil count)13 
(Weight z-score change )13 
(Analysis II)13 
(IGF1 free )13 
(Free T3 )13 
(Eotaxin )13 
(Cluxel size)13 
(FEV1 decline in asthmatics)12 
(daytime napping duration, weekdays)12 
(Sedentary activity )12 
(Irritable dimension)12 
(Folate )12 
(Weight z-score )12 
(opposite direction)12 
(Fixed effect)12 
(anti-dsDNA -)12 
(Fat mass change )12 
(ETV6-RUNX1 positive, Northern European)12 
(within families)12 
(TSH - Females)12 
(number of awakenings after sleep onset, weekdays)12 
(sleep latency, weekdays)12 
(Defiant/Vindictive dimension)12 
(hair color)12 
(Trans/cis-18:2, EA)12 
(additive, recessive)11 
(monocyte count)11 
(transferrin saturation)11 
(% Change in score)11 
(O'Connor Slope)11 
(sleep latency)11 
(Atopic dermatitis)11 
(Cortical Ab)11 
(eye color)11 
(cohort study)11 
(EA-glucose response)11 
(Estradiol )11 
(Fat mass deposition )11 
(INS )11 
(Citalopram+Buspirone, Dizziness)11 
(Novelty seeking)11 
(daytime napping)11 
(LDL )11 
(Hip circumference change )11 
(chol, sum)10 
(Serious invasive)10 
(resting duration)10 
(Platelet Count)10 
(PR interval)10 
(n-6 PUFA)10 
(HDL )10 
(Birth weight )10 
(EA, fixed)10 
(HD vs. controls)10 
(EA-triglyceride response)10 
(Total glutathione )10 
(EA, MCH)10 
(Vitamin B12 )10 
(ETV6-RUNX1 positive)10 
(Urinary nitrogen )10 
(Urinary creatinine )10 
(sleep offset, weekdays)10 
(Triglyceride, sum)10 
(Hip circumference )10 
(same effect)9 
(% improvement - SSRI treated - 12 weeks)9 
(sleep onset, weekdays)9 
(males, fixed)9 
(Amylin )9 
(sleep onset)9 
(Hcy )9 
(EA, Inherited)9 
(serum transferrin)9 
(Protein (control))9 
(Perc15, Cases)9 
(sleep efficiency, weekdays)9 
(Dichotomous variable)9 
(daytime resting duration)9 
(mid-sleep time, weekdays)9 
(Negative/disorganized symptoms)9 
(HRmax )9 
(Punjabi Sikhs)9 
(BMI z-score change )9 
(wake after sleep onset, weekdays)9 
(Arm span )9 
(FEV1 65%)9 
(AST )9 
(Height z-score change )9 
(Moderate activity )9 
(MAP, during intervention)9 
(NEFA )9 
(Dinner intake, adj EER )9 
(sleep offset)9 
(TG )9 
(TC )9 
(multiple phenotypes)9 
(Continous Variable)9 
(Age 6)8 
(Sedentary&light activity )8 
(non-Mexican American parents and children)8 
(SWM strategy)8 
(random effects)8 
(All invasive)8 
(non-Mexican American parents)8 
(Any IgH translocation vs. controls)8 
(IGFBP-1 )8 
(Weight )8 
(non-Mexican American sero-positive children)8 
(EA, factor score analysis)8 
(wake after sleep onset)8 
(Southern European)8 
(African American)8 
(Urinary free dopamine: creatinine)8 
(IFN gamma response)8 
(daytime napping, weekdays)8 
(Males only)8 
(Leptin )8 
(Head circumference )8 
(Stringently Matched)8 
(age at natural menopause)8 
(QT interval)8 
(Right superior frontal gyrus)8 
(NSM vs. Control)8 
(% improvement - SSRI treated - 2 weeks)8 
(Continous PC20)8 
(All Frontotemporal dementia)8 
(South Asians)7 
(Digit Span Forward)7 
(Conditioned on rs2256183)7 
(Trunk fat mass )7 
(Left HG area)7 
(High intelligence)7 
(non t11;14 and t4;14 IgH translocations vs. controls)7 
(LDL, sum)7 
(Mood symptoms)7 
(Testosterone )7 
(DBP )7 
(Total cysteine )7 
(Fat oxidation )7 
(15-18 months)7 
(TNF-a )7 
(Hippocampal volume)7 
(PM %)7 
(UC vs. CD)7 
(Hispanic, males)7 
(Left HG thickness)7 
(number of awakenings after sleep onset)7 
(Energy balance )7 
(glutaroyl carnitine)7 
(Hispanic, females)7 
(vitamin B12)7 
(ACPA- cases vs. all controls)7 
(American Indian, additive )7 
(% improvement - 2 weeks)7 
(Fat free mass change )7 
(Positive symptoms)7 
(Whole cohort; EA)7 
(no asthma)7 
(European men)7 
(BMR RQ)7 
(Conditioned on rs9271366)7 
(Intracranial volume, EA)7 
(Bone mineral content )7 
(Time to ALT>3 x upper limit of normal event)7 
(Total antioxidants )7 
(Adiponectin )7 
(Single Height)7 
(EA + AA - GSE)7 
(correcting APOE e4)7 
(CRP )7 
(Comparatively Older)7 
(sleep efficiency)7 
(FEV1/FVC decline in non-asthmatics)7 
(Oz alcohol/week)7 
(FEV1, Pack-years)7 
(Illicit drug use)7 
(Turkish ancestry)7 
(DBP, during intervention)7 
(Gestational age )7 
(Alcohol dependence)7 
(GLU )6 
(Trauma exposed controls; EA)6 
(Bacilli class)6 
(Alpha peak frequency, occipital6 
(FEV1, Ever-smoking)6 
(percent change)6 
(EA, adjusted for allergy status)6 
(vWF levels)6 
(ACPA-positive RA vs ACPA-negative RA)6 
(Edu Years)6 
(non-Mexican American children)6 
(SBP, during intervention)6 
(SCZ or BP vs. controls)6 
(PCT1/Socransky Trait)6 
(adjusted for rs652888, rs199564443)6 
(non-Mexican American)6 
(Calorimeter activity )6 
(Combined gender)6 
(Sitting height )6 
(2-choice RT)6 
(Hypoesthesia, Recessive)6 
(Conditional on rs477515 - Quantitative)6 
(Delayed Story Recall)6 
(Outercanthal width)6 
(daytime resting, weekdays)6 
(ALT )6 
(Whole cohort; AA)6 
(Cortisol )6 
(EA, WBC)6 
(FEV1/FVC < 80%)6 
(females + males)6 
(Urinary free norepinephrine )6 
(resting duration, weekdays)6 
(sleep onset irregularity, weekdays)6 
(AA women)6 
(Right HG thickness)6 
(Age 17)6 
(S-DDCT/S-DCT ratio)6 
(Total T4 )6 
(TG/HDLC )6 
(additive )6 
(femoral neck)6 
(%LAA-950, Cases)6 
(int, MC)6 
(GEE model, both 3 and 6 months)6 
(Lactobacillales order)6 
(Bike energy expenditure )6 
(earlier onset)6 
(Height change )5 
(Dichotomous PC20)5 
(Trend model)5 
(Total trans-18:1, EA)5 
(basophil count)5 
(Men + Women, Conditional)5 
(partial response - SSRI treated - 2 weeks)5 
(EA, RBCC)5 
(lysoPhosphatidylcholine acyl C20:3)5 
(WHRadjBMI, women)5 
(partial response - 2 weeks)5 
(HDL cholesterol)5 
(Mexican, additive )5 
(Cortical vBMD)5 
(Total energy expenditure RQ)5 
(p.Phe508del, fixed)5 
(Sulfonylurea Hypoglycemic agents)5 
(Height z-score )5 
(EA, p.Phe508del, fixed)5 
(Baseline FEV1)5 
(Alpha power, Cz)5 
(Height )5 
(adjusted for rs114291795)5 
(Economic policy)5 
(A. actino)5 
(Tri-Tetra/cyclic antidepressants)5 
(less than)5 
(EA, 25 years or older)5 
(HDL, sum)5 
(BMD )5 
(Theta power, Cz)5 
(Total T3 )5 
(QRS duration - CHARGE)5 
(FEV1 decline in non-asthmatics)5 
(remission - SSRI treated - 12 weeks)5 
(SCR Amplitude)5 
(brachial circumference)5 
(later onset)5 
(Trajectory class 5)5 
(CSJC , EA, RF-)5 
(% improvement - 12 weeks)5 
(Activity concentrations)5 
(TSH )5 
(simple RT)5 
(Analysis III)5 
(mYscore, continuous)5 
(EA, MAP, Age 50-59)5 
(WC change )5 
(VLDL diameter)5 
(Semantic Fluency)5 
(VPWL-dr, EA)5 
(Retinal venular caliber)5 
(APOB.assay, whole)5 
(remission - 12 weeks)5 
(Total energy expenditure )5 
(Female, Pre-puberty)5 
(serum ferritin)5 
(Brown eye color)5 
(Cystathionine )5 
(Energy intake )5 
(PAR-dr, EA)5 
(anti-B2 GPI)5 
(Obesity I)4 
(Cluxel minimum distance)4 
(C-peptide )4 
(LDL-C.assay, fasting)4 
(European women)4 
(EA, continuous)4 
(Conditioned on rs16966952)4 
(All GGE)4 
(QRS duration)4 
(EA, less than 25 years)4 
(site of onset)4 
(Five-year creatinine)4 
(PS levels)4 
(t11;14 vs non t11;14)4 
(VO2max )4 
(mid-sleep time)4 
(4-choice RT)4 
(AA and Sub-Saharan)4 
(Hippocampus, EA)4 
(green eyes)4 
(Blue eye color)4 
(6-month follow-up)4 
(serum testosterone)4 
(HDL-C.assay, fasting)4 
(total cholesterol)4 
(WC )4 
(Model 1)4 
(HA women)4 
(Male, Post-puberty)4 
(Conditioned on rs2435357, rs1800860, rs7078220 and rs16879552)4 
(inspection time)4 
(thyroid volume)4 
(AA, additive )4 
(digit symbol)4 
(risperidone-hip circumference)4 
(Unclassified Acidaminococcaceae)4 
(Protein deposition )4 
(Digit Span Backward)4 
(Harm avoidance)4 
(BMI z-score )4 
(GO:0007267|BP|03|cell-cell signaling)4 
(Immediate Story Recall)4 
(Moderate&vigorous activity )4 
(European, All type I)4 
(Protein )4 
(European, Endometroid subtype)4 
(Pi10, Cases)4 
(Direct bilirubin)4 
(Han Chinese)4 
(AA, case-control analysis)4 
(Meta-All, NSCLP)4 
(Plasma Vitamin B12)4 
(MCP1-TNF-a pattern prefenofibrate)4 
(Sleep energy expenditure )4 
(EA, Hgb)4 
(AA, dominant )4 
(Male, Pre-puberty)4 
(OTU10032 unclassified Enterobacteriaceae)4 
(Delta power, Cz)4 
(Middle facial depth)4 
(Dinner intake )4 
(fixed effect model)4 
(common cIMT)4 
(ALL-dr, EA)4 
(Phonemic Fluency)4 
(Non-substance related behavioral disinhibition)4 
(age 1-17)4 
(S-DDCT concentration)4 
(change in alpha-TOH)4 
(univariate, arm)4 
(normal, EA)4 
(risperidone-hemoglobin A1c)4 
(MAP, response to intervention)4 
(cohort study, AA)4 
(UAZ Cert)4 
(sICAM-1 )4 
(HDL diameter)4 
(Genotype model)4 
(CSJC, RF+)4 
(WAP, All)4 
(waist circumference)4 
(Asian ancestry)4 
(All epilepsy)4 
(FVIII Activity)4 
(Putamen, EA)4 
(Vitamin B6)4 
(, whole)3 
(S-DCT concentration)3 
(Trauma exposed controls; AA)3 
(PCT3/Aa Trait)3 
(non-East Asian)3 
(Western European)3 
(Fasting glucose)3 
(Intercanthal width)3 
(Free cholesterol in large LDL)3 
(DBP, response to intervention)3 
(LDL diameter)3 
(Foreign Policy)3 
(IGF1 bound )3 
(LV wall thickness)3 
(MMR-related vs MMR-unrelated)3 
(fractional LDL-C reduction)3 
(HD vs. non-HD)3 
(Indo-European South Asians)3 
(ACPA-negative RA vs controls)3 
(OTU10032 unclassified Enterobacteriaceae Species-level OTU)3 
(Total LTG and PHT)3 
(males, random)3 
(African American, dominant)3 
(Sum sidestep distance)3 
(Model 2)3 
(CVLT-dr, EA)3 
(androsterone sulfate)3 
(EA, SBP, Age 20-29)3 
(Age 14)3 
(Japanese and Latin American)3 
(3-measure Model)3 
(females, p.Phe508del, fixed)3 
(dihomo-linolenate (20:3n3 or n6))3 
(Relative change in DAS28)3 
(Unclassified Marinilabiliaceae)3 
(EA + AA)3 
(cognitive outcome)3 
(t11;14 vs. controls)3 
(All South Asians)3 
(Nasal protrusion)3 
(Delta DBP)3 
(, fasting)3 
(serum iron)3 
(Marinilabiliaceae family)3 
(red hair)3 
(P. gingi)3 
(Male, Puberty)3 
(5alpha-androstan-3beta,17beta-diol disulfate)3 
(univariate, leg)3 
Gases and fumes3 
(Unsaturated iron-binding capacity)3 
(1,5-anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG))3 
(Severe Centrilobular)3 
(Total bilirubin)3 
(speed factor)3 
(Red meat)3 
(Invasive Only)3 
(grey matter density of the right hippocampus)3 
(ASD paternal model)3 
(WAP, Cases)3 
(Change in DAS28)3 
(neutrophil count)3 
(Glycoprotein acetyls)3 
(Indirect bilirubin)3 
(AA, factor score analysis)3 
(American Indian, dominant )3 
(Asian, 25 years or older)3 
(GEE model, response at both 3 and 6 months)3 
(Latino, female)3 
(HbF, Sardinian)3 
(BMI )3 
(Hotspot Usage)3 
(Alpha power, occipital)3 
(genotype x drug)3 
(Beta power, Cz)3 
(RBC count)3 
(dominant )3 
(ESRD vs. non-ESRD)3 
(RAVLT-dr, EA)3 
(CHAQ, RF-)3 
(SBP )3 
(C-reactive protein)3 
Han Chinese3 
(, fasting)3 
(biologic age)3 
(internal cIMT)3 
(Bupropion, Sexual side effects)3 
(univariate, upper trunk)3 
(absolute LDL-C reduction)3 
(Moderate Centrilobular)3 
(APOB.assay, fasting)3 
(Days drinks/week)3 
(Effect of Risperidone on CGI-S)3 
(hair curl)3 
(Ft4 )3 
(SCZ vs. controls)3 
(controlling for rs8070723)3 
(EA, SBP, Age 50-59)3 
(Snack intake )3 
(age of onset)3 
(bradykinin, des-arg(9))3 
(African American, additive)3 
(HDL.large, whole)3 
(White matter hyperintensities)3 
(Pi10, All)3 
(EA, dichotomous)3 
(Left superior frontal gyrus)3 
(HDL-C.assay, whole)3 
(mYscore, binary)3 
(Mean Platelet Volume)3 
(Pleasant Difference Startle Scores)3 
Mineral dust3 
(PCT5/Pg Trait)3 
(Reward dependence)3 
(CSJC , EA, RF+)3 
(Anti-?2GPI IgG, 99th percentile)3 
(Methionine )3 
(TG.assay, whole)3 
(HDL.large, fasting)3 
(East Asian men)3 
(Uptake slope)3 
(LDL-C.assay, whole)3 
(whole sample)3 
(Ghrelin )3 
(All Punjabi)3 
(baseline LDL-C)2 
(Lower facial depth)2 
(Pubertal growth, females)2 
(Interleukin-2 soluble receptor-a)2 
(LDL, diff)2 
(Rapid decline overall)2 
(migraineurs with aura - ischemic stroke)2 
(MCH, AA)2 
(Nose wing breadth)2 
(linoleate (18:2n6)/dihomo-linolenate (20:3n3 or n6))2 
(Plasma PLP)2 
(lumbar spine)2 
(South Asians, East Asians)2 
(HDL.mean.size, fasting)2 
(Overall FSD)2 
(Spectrum, all)2 
(EA, MCHC)2 
(Maternal alcohol consumption, 1df)2 
(Labial fissure width)2 
(AA, prevalent)2 
(CDT percent)2 
(Lung Cancer)2 
(EA, SBP, Age 40-49)2 
(Anti-?2GPI domain 1 IgG, 99th percentile)2 
(Citalopram+Bupropion, Vision/hearing-related side effects)2 
(S-DCT concentration, adjusted for CYP2C19)2 
(Protein - model 2)2 
(Recreational physical activity)2 
(Fraction of recombinations in hotspots)2 
(Alcohol consumption)2 
(Gammaproteobacteria class)2 
(AA, Smoking, Ever/Never)2 
(FSH levels - AA)2 
(Birth rate, additive)2 
(AA, Recreational physical activity)2 
(Tumor necrosis factor-a)2 
(clozapine-heart rate)2 
(Conditioned on rs7580658 and rs1799808)2 
(AG vs. not AG)2 
(X12063 levels)2 
(AT levels)2 
(All Cancers)2 
(Conditioned on rs174547)2 
(bilirubin (E,E))2 
(Delta SBP)2 
(Latent Class 1)2 
(Plasma homocysteine)2 
(S-CT concentration, adjusted for CYP2C19)2 
(ratio of bis-allylic bonds to double bonds in lipids)2 
(Family size, additive model)2 
(TT vs. not TT)2 
(DHT levels)2 
(Categorical PC20)2 
(Total Mortality)2 
(suicide behaviour severity)2 
(Strength - R-pars opercularis)2 
(EA, MAP, Age 20-29)2 
(PR segment)2 
(BMR )2 
(Hgb, AA)2 
(P wave duration)2 
(C. pneumoniae)2 
(palmitoleate (16:1n7))2 
(Trough concentrations)2 
(Tf Sat)2 
(AA, Dietary energy)2 
(Triglycerides in small VLDL)2 
(VLDL.small, fasting)2 
(bilirubin (Z,Z))2 
(Meta P value)2 
(RBC, AA)2 
(African ancestry, CCSc)2 
(opposite-effect analysis)2 
(random effects model)2 
(univariate, lower trunk)2 
(1.2025, Aminoisobutyrate)2 
(Peak concentrations)2 
(Alcohol intake)2 
(10-undecenoate (11:1n1)/X-11438)2 
(Total iron-binding capacity)2 
(HbA2, Sardinian)2 
(Clustering coefficient - R-insula)2 
(Intermediate/Green eye color)2 
(EULAR response)2 
(Aversive Difference Startle Scores)2 
(RS123 cohort)2 
(Anti-?2GPI Domain 1 IgG and Anti-cardiolipin IgG)2 
(S-DCT/S-CT ratio, adjusted for CYP2C19)2 
(hostility, left amygdala)2 
(SCR Frequency)2 
(APOA1.assay, fasting)2 
(Breast cancer, overall toxicity, univariable analysis)2 
(hip circumference)2 
(EA, MAP, Age 60-69)2 
(BMI-BMD, males)2 
(Dinner intake, adj TEE )2 
(moderate and severe, GEE model, both 3 and 6 months)2 
(Disease-Specific Survival)2 
(same-effect analysis)2 
(Hepatic lipid content grade 1 versus 0)2 
(pulse rate)2 
(epiandrosterone sulfate)2 
(age at death)2 
(Mass concentrations)2 
(t4;14 vs. controls)2 
(response at 6 months)2 
(Total cholesterol in HDL, conditioned)2 
(hsCRP-IL6 pattern prefenofibrate)2 
(ACL, LAC, or Anti-B2 GPI)2 
(EA, DBP, Age 60-69)2 
(multiplicative, prospective analysis)2 
(Trajectory class 2)2 
(conditional on rs6419573)2 
(ACVn ratio)2 
(Effect of Risperidone on PGI)2 
(Severe Centrilobular, EA)2 
(Large LDL)2 
(Mexican, dominant )2 
(androsterone sulfate/4-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol disulfate 2)2 
(EA, p.Phe508del, random)2 
(Sleep RQ)2 
(Blautia genus)2 
(MCP1-TNF-a pattern postfenofibrate)2 
(Adjusted for knee trauma)2 
(Total gastric)2 
(Hispanic, Alcohol intake)2 
(IL-6 response)2 
(adjusted for APOE)2 
(stride length SD)2 
(Dietary energy)2 
(VLDL.small, whole)2 
(additive, retrospective analysis)2 
(other polyunsaturated fatty acids than 18:2)2 
(Moderate CPd)2 
(Never smoker)2 
(CTJC , EA, RF-)2 
(Single support time)2 
(EA, PP, Age 40-49)2 
(Adjusted for PC1-5)2 
(p.Phe508del, random)2 
(All lung cancer)2 
(EA, COPDGene + GenKOLS)2 
(Smoking, ever/never)2 
(FXIII activity)2 
(Hispanic, Dietary energy)2 
(VLDL.medium, fasting)2 
(EA + AA - Dizziness)2 
(cis-4-decenoyl carnitine)2 
(Unclassified Porphyromonadaceae)2 
(Nicotine use)2 
(Decrease of PLT)2 
(LDL cholesterol)2 
(females, random)2 
(Single Height-males)2 
(Squamous cell carcinoma)2 
(Random effect)2 
(Citalopram+Buspirone, General side effects)2 
(ZKPQ-neuroticism anxiety)2 
(Single Height-female)2 
(Model 1, Hispanics)2 
(Female, Puberty)2 
(suicide attempt)2 
(Sphingomyeline C18:1)2 
(main effect)2 
(Family size, recessive model)2 
(Smoking, Years)2 
(AAM-CT, Chinese)2 
(6-measure model)2 
(BP vs. controls)2 
(QTc interval)2 
(4-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol disulfate 2)2 
(, whole)2 
(CDT concentration)2 
(age at menarche)2 
(LDST/DSST - age and sex adjusted)2 
(LS BMD, women)2 
(EA, random)2 
(HDL.mean.size, whole)2 
(% body fat)2 
(Prostate cancer, rectal incontinence, univariable analysis)2 
(olanzapine-total cholesterol)2 
(AAM-CT, EA)2 
(Sertraline, General side effects)2 
(AA, recessive )2 
(Han Chinese + EA)2 
(, whole)2 
(Total PANSS scores)2 
(HbA1, Sardinian)2 
(Moderate Centrilobular, EA)2 
(EA + AA - Overall tolerability)2 
(Hispanic, Smoking, ever/never)2 
(, whole)2 
(total hip)2 
(lysine/glutaroyl carnitine)2 
(AA, smoking, years)2 
(EA, PCV)2 
(EDA Factor scores)2 
(FSH levels - EA)2 
(Lean body mass )2 
(, fasting)2 
(Erysipelotrichia class)2 
(Urinary free norepinephrine: creatinine)2 
(GO:0009231|BP|04|riboflavin biosynthetic process)2 
(Serum level of C3)2 
(WCadjBMI, men)2 
(externalizing vs. non-externalizing)2 
(MAP, Time 0)2 
(Heaviness of Smoking Index)2 
(Gaucher disease 1 severity)2 
(Dilation, amyloid positive)2 
(, fasting)2 
(TG.assay, fasting)2 
(Average Intelligence)2 
(infliximab, delta-DAS analysis)2 
(SBP, response to intervention)2 
(Fischer's ratio)2 
(binary model)2 
(Fat free mass )2 
(Erysipelotrichales order)2 
(Triglycerides in very large HDL, conditioned)2 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C36:5)2 
(Obesity II)2 
(SBP, Time 0)2 
(CTJC, RF-)2 
(SM vs. Control)2 
(East African)2 
(Hispanic, Smoking, Years)2 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C38:3)2 
(African American, recessive)2 
(Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence)2 
(early-onset vs. non-externalizing)2 
(South Asian, East Asian, Europeans)2 
(GO:0048598|BP|03|embryonic morphogenesis)2 
(Free cholesterol in large LDL, conditioned)2 
(Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1)2 
(AA, Alcohol intake)2 
(Total transferrin)2 
(Erysipelotrichaceae family)2 
(Influenza A)2 
(Nasal width)2 
(SM-15 + 12 other traits)2 
(IGF2-DMR CpG01)1 
(Maximum ALT, Conditioned on HLA- DRB1*07:01)1 
(age interaction)1 
(Endometroid subtype)1 
(CC vs. not CC)1 
(All samples, overall toxicity, multivariable analysis)1 
(Conditional on rs41314453 and rs10456544)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C32:2)1 
(CDC stricturing)1 
(Ziprasidone, vigilance)1 
(late toxicity)1 
(MTLEHS vs. Controls)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C44:6)1 
(LV internal diastolic dimensions)1 
(females +males)1 
(EA, MAP, Age 40-49)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C36:4)1 
(GO:0031461|CC|04|cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase complex)1 
(isobutyrylcarnitine + 3 other traits)1 
(Binary F0/F4)1 
(eicosapentaenoate (EPA; 20:5n3))1 
(waist-hip ratio)1 
(SM 16:1)1 
(p-tau181p/AB1-42, t-tau/AB1-42)1 
(2.8625, Trimethylamine)1 
(His, Val)1 
(Empirical Bayes)1 
(dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S))1 
(3-phenylpropionate (hydrocinnamate))1 
(myristoleate (14:1n5))1 
(EA, PP, Age 20-29)1 
(CVLT_HVLT-dr, EA)1 
(Mannose levels)1 
Biological dust1 
(openness to experience)1 
(Phe, Tyr)1 
(isovalerylcarnitine + 7 other traits)1 
(East Asian, recessive)1 
(Adjusted for BMI)1 
(GPT (ALT))1 
(1.6975, N-Acetylated compunds)1 
(connectivity pattern)1 
(smoking cessation)1 
(2.916 ppm)1 
(ER +ve)1 
(Etanercept, EA)1 
(Conditioned on rs227724)1 
(Nasal bridge length)1 
(ZKPQ-sensation seeking)1 
(Conditioned on rs9282641)1 
(EIM Erythema nodosum)1 
(Total PS)1 
(MTLEHS+FS vs. Controls)1 
(Alkaline phosphatase)1 
(3.555 ppm/2.547 ppm)1 
(mean corpuscular hemoglobin)1 
(Conditioned on rs7238078)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C40:4)1 
(SM-5 + 17 other traits)1 
(Conditional on rs1015451, rs11154027)1 
(Conditioned on rs5742915)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C34:4)1 
(conditioned on rs9364554)1 
(Conditioned on rs6449353)1 
(caffeine/quinate + 3 other traits)1 
(1.9025, Lysine)1 
(MCV, AA)1 
(Docosapentaenoic acid)1 
(Conditioned on rs6048952)1 
(GO:0006222|BP|08|UMP biosynthetic process)1 
(0.8875, Unknown)1 
(2.8775, Trimethylamine)1 
(hostility, right amygdala)1 
(Behavioural variant FTD)1 
(margarate (17:0))1 
(SM-14 + 6 other traits)1 
(All, AA)1 
(CSJC, EA, RF-)1 
(discovery + validation)1 
(Cortical vBMD - conditional on rs1021188)1 
(olanzapine-hemoglobin A1c1 
(hemoglobin concentration)1 
(tryptophan betaine )1 
(ADOS CSS RRB much higher than SA)1 
(Late pubertal growth, males)1 
(X-12038/bradykinin, des-arg(9))1 
(2.0375, N-Acetylated compunds)1 
(p.Phe508del, males, fixed)1 
(Breast cancer, overal toxicity, multivariable analysis)1 
(CHAQ, EA, RF-)1 
(LDST/DSST- age, sex, and education adjusted)1 
(Angiotensin-converting enzyme)1 
(Unclassified Erysipelotrichaceae)1 
(Conditioned on rs4285028, rs9282641)1 
(KvDMR 21)1 
(NW, men)1 
(All Turkish cases)1 
(erythrocyte distribution width)1 
(EA, MAP, Age 70-79)1 
(Conditional on rs1015451, rs17083533)1 
(Total energy expenditure adj for weight )1 
(CDAS28, EA, RF-)1 
(Males + Females)1 
(Nasal height)1 
(conditioned on rs11895698)1 
(Conditioned on rs16942341)1 
(Ileal involvement)1 
(clozapine-total cholesterol)1 
(Hydroxysphingomyeline C16:1)1 
(3.0325, Lysine)1 
(MCHC, AA)1 
(GO:0004812|MF|05|aminoacyl-tRNA ligase activity)1 
(2.7125, Unknown)1 
(Conditional on rs917727)1 
(stearate (18:0))1 
(GG vs. not GG)1 
(Venlafaxine, Dizziness)1 
(Cases, AA)1 
(Allele model)1 
(KvDMR 10-11-12)1 
(Hypoesthesia, Dominant)1 
(motor outcome)1 
African Americans1 
(Body iron)1 
(LDL.large, fasting)1 
(1-linoleoylglycerol (1-monolinolein))1 
(Processed meat)1 
(Adjusted by Lean body mass)1 
(European, male)1 
(all patients, EULAR response analysis)1 
(Interleukin-6 receptor)1 
(Pubertal growth,males)1 
(FXII levels)1 
(GO:0016706|MF|04|oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen, 2-oxoglutarate as one donor, and incorporation of one atom each of oxygen into both donors)1 
(2.7875, N-Acetylated compunds)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C28:1)1 
(AA, WBC)1 
(strength - R-inferior parietal)1 
(Alanine/N,N-dimethylglycine ratio)1 
(Pigmented Ring)1 
(GO:0003682|MF|02|chromatin binding)1 
(Carbohydrates - model 2)1 
(bilirubin levels)1 
(migraineurs with aura - major CVD)1 
(GO:0009229|BP|05|thiamine diphosphate biosynthetic process)1 
(Triglycerides in very large HDL)1 
(docosapentaenoate (n3 DPA; 22:5n3))1 
(EA, DBP, Age 70-79)1 
Random effects analysis1 
(X-11793--oxidized bilirubin)1 
(distal colon cancer)1 
(Valine, conditioned)1 
(Hydroxysphingomyeline C24:1)1 
(1.7325, Lysine)1 
(EA, Maternal)1 
(Serum Paraoxonases activity)1 
(Phospholipids in very small VLDL)1 
(2.8575, Trimethylamine)1 
(DBP, Height interaction)1 
(CHAQ , EA, RF-)1 
(X-11440/4-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol disulfate 2)1 
(Conditioned on rs1173727)1 
(FNK, female)1 
(hip, female)1 
(Fibrin lag time)1 
(WCadjBMI, women)1 
(Serum ferritin concentration)1 
(LDL.large, whole)1 
(Symptom count)1 
(Turkish cases with Uveitis - Recessive Model)1 
(Total cholesterol in LDL)1 
(Free cholesterol in very large HDL)1 
(EBV-negative cHL)1 
(2-fold positive reaction cases)1 
(adjusted for rs4268748)1 
Caribbean Hispanic1 
(conditional on rs1805313)1 
(Anti-cardiolipin IgG and Anti-?2GPI IgG)1 
(Conditioned on rs669607)1 
(SM-2 + 2 other traits)1 
(RDW, AA)1 
(major CVD)1 
(Macrophage Inflammatory protein-1 beta)1 
(Non-HD without IgH translocations vs. controls)1 
(Lipoprotein A)1 
(Phospholipids in very large HDL)1 
(conditioned on rs2660753)1 
(calcium levels)1 
(Upper lip height)1 
(SM-10 + 59 other traits)1 
(Nurses Health Study)1 
(Breast cancer, telangiectasia, multivariable analysis)1 
(EA, DBP, Age 20-29)1 
(glycine + 17 other traits)1 
(Intracranial volume)1 
(Conditioned on rs2145998)1 
(SM-3 + 152 other traits)1 
(Conditioned on rs4252129 and rs1084651)1 
(Ballon TT)1 
(1.086 ppm)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C36:3)1 
(Phospholipids in large LDL)1 
(X-10510/palmitoyl sphingomyelin)1 
(Lysine/valine ratio)1 
(Serum Arylesterase activity)1 
(Columella Inclination)1 
(WL-dr, EA)1 
(2.8675, Trimethylamine)1 
(Conditioned on rs11581062)1 
(1.257 ppm/1.067 ppm)1 
(3.0275, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(hip, female, EA)1 
(CHAQ, RF+)1 
(Ala, Gln)1 
(Symptom count, AA)1 
(androsterone sulfate/epiandrosterone sulfate)1 
(Triglycerides in very small VLDL)1 
(All Turkish cases - Recessive Model)1 
(hip BMD)1 
(Hispanic, males, BMI-adjusted)1 
(EA women)1 
(Lag Time)1 
(Body Dissatisfaction)1 
(2.031 ppm)1 
(AMH - EA)1 
(GO:0009253|BP|07|peptidoglycan catabolic process)1 
(controlling for rs7571971)1 
(spine, EA)1 
(SM vs. NSM)1 
(males, p.Phe508del, fixed)1 
(HR- HER2-)1 
(serum total triglycerides)1 
(Glycochenodeoxycholic acid 3-glucuronide)1 
(APOA1.assay, whole)1 
(, fasting)1 
(Panlobular, EA)1 
(PC aa C36:3/PC aa C36:4)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C34:3)1 
(S-CT concentration)1 
(Severe CPd)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C40:2)1 
(spine BMD)1 
(Nose tip angle)1 
(AB1-42, p-tau181p, p-tau181p/AB1-42, t-tau/AB1-42)1 
(EA - GSE)1 
(SM-6 + 94 other traits)1 
(2.1875, Unknown)1 
(1.171 ppm/1.973 ppm)1 
(Vitamin B9 - Folate)1 
(GO:0045944|BP|08|positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter)1 
(adjusted for rs652888, rs199564443, rs1071816)1 
(VLDL.large, fasting)1 
(EA, conditioned on rs7911500 and rs791590)1 
(conditioned, EA)1 
(FEV1, Pack-years1 
(AA - GSE)1 
(at 2-3 yrs)1 
(Latent Class 2)1 
(ER -ve)1 
(adjusted for rs652888)1 
(SM 14:0Mol%)1 
(NSA, men)1 
(Cocaine-induced paranoia, AA)1 
(Nose bridge breadth)1 
(Eicosapentaenoic acid)1 
(, whole)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C40:6)1 
(Total calcium intake)1 
(bilirubin (E,Z or Z,E))1 
(arachidonate (20:4n6)/dihomo-linolenate (20:3n3 or n6))1 
(S-DCT/S-CT ratio)1 
(fasting gluocse)1 
(Nose protrusion)1 
(1.3625, 2-Hydroxyisobutyrate)1 
(migraineurs with aura - CVD death)1 
(Formate/succinate ratio)1 
(1.1975, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(Conditioned on rs7460090)1 
(VLDL.large, whole)1 
(Intraventricular septal thickness)1 
(conditioned on 5 SNPs)1 
(Adjusted for PC1-5, age and sex)1 
(Val/serum TG)1 
(conditional on rs7709212, rs4921493)1 
(Clustering coefficient - L-isthmus of the cingulate)1 
(CTJC , EA, RF+)1 
(Total IGF-1)1 
(Mean utterance length)1 
(X-12510--2-aminooctanoic acid)1 
(ischemic stroke, EA)1 
(DHEA-S/4-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol disulfate 2)1 
(spine, East Asian)1 
(conditioned on rs2435357, East Asian)1 
(Effect of Olanzapine on PGI)1 
p.Phe508del/p.Phe508del only1 
(EA, conditional on rs1990760)1 
(Free IGF1)1 
(Cocaine-induced paranoia)1 
(GO:0015238|MF|03|drug transmembrane transporter activity)1 
(1.067 ppm/1.049 ppm)1 
(Parathyroid hormone)1 
ANC <1000/mm31 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C36:5)1 
(Conditioned on rs572169)1 
(Conditioned on rs12470505)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C38:5)1 
(Hispanic, BMI-adjusted)1 
(Alpha-2 macroglobulin)1 
(Total power, Cz)1 
(arachidonate (20:4n6))1 
(Conditonal on rs11118555)1 
(Other polyunsaturated fatty acids than 18:2, conditioned)1 
(X-12990--docosapentaenoic acid (n6-DPA))1 
(Dietary calcium intake)1 
(combined, EA)1 
(EA, DBP)1 
(Gln, His)1 
(NESPAS CpG02)1 
(2-Hydroxyisobutyrate concentration)1 
(2.159 ppm/3.324 ppm)1 
(3.1075, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(Model 1 - age,sex)1 
(Total cholesterol in HDL)1 
(asparagus anosmia)1 
(Effect of Quetiapine on PGI)1 
(glucose/mannose + 54 other traits)1 
(, fasting)1 
(Relative wall thickness)1 
(conditioned, East Asian)1 
(Autism paternal model)1 
(10-undecenoate (11:1n1))1 
(EA, conditional on rs7709212, rs4921493)1 
(Left caudate)1 
(ischemic stroke)1 
(SBP, BMI interaction)1 
(Overall Startle Scores)1 
(conditional on rs1990760)1 
(a-linolenic acid)1 
(hydroxyisovaleroyl carnitine)1 
(Metabolic syndrome)1 
(Glycerophospho-N-Palmitoyl Ethanolamine)1 
(SM-4 + 74 other traits)1 
(Smoking status)1 
(Conditioned on rs11107116)1 
(Mexican, recessive )1 
(Total cholesterol in medium VLDL)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C34:2)1 
(Binary F0-1/F3-4)1 
(AA, incident)1 
(Mean bilateral hippocampal volume)1 
(EA, MAP)1 
(androsterone sulfate + 2 other traits)1 
(1.345 ppm/7.664 ppm)1 
(2.8725, Trimethylamine)1 
(Prostate cancer, urine incontinence, univariable analysis)1 
(SM-11 + 2 other traits)1 
(3.594 ppm/1.067 ppm)1 
(Caudate, EA)1 
(Trabecular vBMD)1 
(2.6075, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(Upper facial depth)1 
(Age EDS onset)1 
(Combined, Australian replication)1 
(, whole)1 
(Posterior wall thickness)1 
(EA, conditioned on rs7911500)1 
(colorectal cancer)1 
(Model 1 - age, sex)1 
(Ht, AA)1 
(Soluble transferrin receptor)1 
(SM-9 + 17 other traits)1 
(CSJC, RF-)1 
(Chinese, conditional on rs1990760)1 
(Lower lip height)1 
(Ala, Val)1 
(AA, HCT)1 
(CRP average 2,6,7)1 
(Total iorn-binding capacity)1 
(codependence - African ancestry men - adjusted analysis)1 
(Complex structures)1 
(smoking initiation)1 
(CSJC, EA, RF+)1 
(GOT (AST))1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C36:2)1 
(Late pubertal growth, females)1 
(vWF level)1 
(Nasion position)1 
(Enterobacteriales order)1 
(Sphingomyeline C16:1)1 
Conditional on rs118913111 
(SM 18:1Mol%)1 
(DMFS5max, DMFS5)1 
(WC, men)1 
(onset time of analgesia)1 
(Alpha-1 globulin)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C40:5)1 
(ziprasidone-hip circumference)1 
(Unclassified Enterobacteriaceae)1 
(AA - Visionhearing)1 
(Hispanic, Recreational Physical Activity)1 
(SM-7 + 11 other traits)1 
(2.6125, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(NW, men & women)1 
(additive, dominant)1 
(Combined, AA replication)1 
(cysteine-glutathione disulfide)1 
(phenyllactate (PLA))1 
(Conditioned on rs3118470)1 
(Latin American)1 
(24-30 months)1 
(AA vs. not AA)1 
(APOE E4 homozygotes)1 
(EA, conditional on rs7709212)1 
(Nighttime PP)1 
(Single-measure model)1 
(Opiates - African ancestry men - allelic test)1 
(HbA1c, Malay)1 
(NESPAS CpG08_09)1 
(Triglyceride, diff)1 
(perphenazine-total cholesterol)1 
(variant homozygote model)1 
(lymphocyte count)1 
(EA, conditional on rs12564022)1 
(Anti-?2GPI domain 1 IgG)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C42:4)1 
(Strength - L-transverse temporal)1 
(Late pubertal growth)1 
(50% oldest-onset cases)1 
(n-men 3D dist)1 
(Enterobacteriaceae family)1 
(Conditioned on rs11154801)1 
(uric acid)1 
(Sphingomyeline C18:0)1 
(Sleep energy expenditure adj weight )1 
(Female, Post-puberty)1 
(Change in Hb)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C32:0)1 
(EA + AA - Visionhearing)1 
(decanoylcarnitine + 25 other traits)1 
(Concentration of small HDL particles)1 
(Metabolite ratio 1)1 
(Conditioned on rs2303759)1 
(waist cirumference)1 
(cases vs. controls)1 
(2.6275, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(Trajectory class 4)1 
(DMFS5, DMFS5mand)1 
(OTU13305 FecalibacteriumSpecies-level OTU)1 
(GO:0008283|BP|02|cell proliferation)1 
(phenyllactate (PLA)/phenylalanine)1 
(EA, conditioned on rs7911500, rs791590 and rs8177757)1 
(Conditioned on rs4410871)1 
(Baseline, amyloid positive)1 
(any migraine - CVD death)1 
(linoleate (18:2n6)/X-12442--5,8-tetradecadienoate)1 
(EA, DBP, Age 50-59)1 
(conditional on rs7709212)1 
(GO:0045087|BP|03|innate immune response)1 
(5.2625, Unknown)1 
(Lower docosahexaenoic acid)1 
(QRS complex)1 
(alpha-hydroxyisovalerate + 6 other traits)1 
(chin protrusion)1 
(Perianal disease)1 
(chol, diff)1 
(Plasma folate)1 
(EA - Overall tolerability)1 
(OTU15355 Dialister Species-level OTU)1 
(Sum of skinfolds, Model 3, Thai)1 
(all controls combined)1 
(Strength - R-banks of the superior temporal sulcus)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C40:4)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C36:4)1 
(DMFS5, DMFS5max)1 
(Conditioned on rs17066096)1 
(Conditioned on rs1843938)1 
(Change of Hb)1 
(AAM-BR, Chinese)1 
(SM-12 + 1 other trait)1 
(Efficiency - R-paracentral)1 
(walking speed exam 7)1 
(2.854 ppm)1 
(DBP, Time 0)1 
(Total lipids in small HDL, conditioned)1 
(Symptom count, EA)1 
(Effect of Ziprasidone on CGI-S)1 
(Prostate cancer, rectal incontinence, multivariable analysis)1 
(psychotic symptoms)1 
(Actinobacteria phylum)1 
(5.2825, Fucose)1 
(all races combined)1 
(total power)1 
(3.0975, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(hsCRP-IL6 pattern postfenofibrate)1 
(African American/African Caribbean, male)1 
(Total cholesterol in small LDL)1 
(LDST/DSST - age, sex and education adjusted)1 
(EA, conditioned on on rs7911500, rs791590, rs8177757 and rs10905716)1 
(Meta-All, NSCLO)1 
(CSJC , RF+)1 
(maximum post-operative pain rating)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C42:5)1 
(Conditioned on rs2665838)1 
(FN BMD, men)1 
(Conditiond on rs2780226)1 
(Serum Iron levels)1 
(EA, PP)1 
(SM-17 + 8 other traits)1 
(Human herpesvirus 8)1 
(Fat mass, Model 3, Thai)1 
(Strict, all)1 
(Gln, Glc)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C40:5)1 
(eGFRchange CKD)1 
(Femoral Neck BMD)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C38:4)1 
(Conditioned on rs7763064)1 
(Urate levels)1 
rs4148324, rs37713411 
(HR+ HER2-)1 
(Histidine, conditioned)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C36:2)1 
(IFN-related thrombocytopenia at wk 4)1 
(AUC, adjusted for baseline TG level)1 
(IBS-D )1 
(Strength - R paracentral)1 
(1.7775, Unknown)1 
(AAM-W, EA)1 
(eGFRchange noCKD)1 
(multiplicative, retrospective analysis)1 
(Actinobacteria class)1 
(5.2125, Fucose)1 
(East Asian, continuous)1 
(Free cholesterol in IDL)1 
(Matrix metalloproteinase-3)1 
(Dilation, tau positive)1 
(Symbol Search)1 
(Strict, EA)1 
(Right caudate)1 
(congnitive outcome)1 
(conditioned on rs5759167)1 
(Nasal ala length)1 
(Duration F0-1/F3-4,>20yo)1 
(Conditioned on rs12153391)1 
(X-12441--12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoate (12-HETE))1 
(mYscore, continuous, adjusted for BMI)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C42:6)1 
(AMH levels- AA)1 
(OCB negative vs. controls)1 
(Philtrum length)1 
(Duration F0-1/F3-4, transfused)1 
(Bupropion, General side effects)1 
(African American/African Caribbean, female)1 
(Anti-?2GPI IgG)1 
(Conditioned on rs17346452)1 
(Conditioned on rs2780226)1 
(Higher ADOS social affect impairment)1 
(Birthweight, Model 2)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C42:5)1 
(isoleucine/tyrosine + 10 other traits)1 
(Conditioned on rs10937273)1 
(Iris Nevi)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C38:5)1 
(Hispanic, incident)1 
(urate, histidine)1 
(EA, case-control analysis)1 
(Scaling between occipital and total cortical surface area)1 
(AA, HGB)1 
(EA, early-onset)1 
(quantile transformation)1 
(H19-ICR CpG 09-10)1 
(2.8825, Trimethylamine)1 
(5.2275, Fucose)1 
(glucose levels)1 
(GT vs. not GT)1 
(3-Aminoisobutyrate concentration)1 
(glutaroyl carnitine/lysine + 3 other traits)1 
(IM vs. EM)1 
(Conditioned on rs3791675)1 
(Second stage)1 
(GO:0003697|MF|06|single-stranded DNA binding)1 
(AMH levels - AA)1 
(5.1825, Unknown)1 
(SM-16 + 7 other traits)1 
(Monocyte chemotactic protein 1)1 
(Strength - L-inferior parietal)1 
(CDC Perianal)1 
(SCZ vs. BP)1 
(Hispanic, men)1 
(GO:0042823|BP|05|pyridoxal phosphate biosynthetic process)1 
(Focal epilepsy)1 
(Fat Mass, Model 2)1 
(2,6 dimethylheptanoyl carnitine)1 
(glutamine + 7 other traits)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C38:4)1 
(Ala, Tyr)1 
(B*5701 positive)1 
(Olanzapine, processing speed)1 
(Case only)1 
(adrenate (22:4n6))1 
(Rate of change in FEV1)1 
(AA, RBC)1 
(Supplemental calcium intake)1 
(GO:0008484|MF|04|sulfuric ester hydrolase activity)1 
(Sphingomyeline C24:0)1 
(eGFRchange overall)1 
(lysoPhosphatidylcholine acyl C16:1)1 
(1.2575, Fucose)1 
(adaptative permutation)1 
(levulinate (4-oxovalerate))1 
(3.0925, Aminoisobutyrate)1 
(proline + 5 other traits)1 
(AG genotype)1 
(Pooled P value)1 
(Conditioned on rs921943)1 
(recessive )1 
(Docosahexaonic acid)1 
(sweet tooth)1 
Fixed effects analysis1 
(Lactic dehydrogenase)1 
(Total cholesterol in very large HDL)1 
(infliximab, EULAR response analysis)1 
(Proteobacteria phylum)1 
(Breast cancer, overall toxicity, multivariable analysis)1 
(2.0525, Unknown)1 
(docosapentaenoate (n3 DPA; 22:5n3)/X-12627)1 
(WHR, men)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C32:1)1 
(Age cataplexy onset)1 
(Effect of Olanzapine on CGI-S)1 
(MLE, MA, FA)1 
(Duration F0-1/F3-4, male)1 
(inosine + 1 other trait)1 
(Sum of Skinfolds, Model 2)1 
(0.8475, Unknown)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl C44:5)1 
(EA, conditioned)1 
(lysoPhosphatidylcholine acyl C20:4)1 
(additive, prospective analysis)1 
(FN BMD, women)1 
(Phosphatidylcholine diacyl C36:3)1 
(age at onset < 25 years)1 
(EA, PP, Age 50-59)1 
(AA - Dizziness)1 
(stearidonate (18:4n3))1 
(WHR in women)1 
(Conditioned on rs7689420)1 
(SM-1 + 12 other traits)1 
(All herpes viruses)1 
(1.8025, Unknown)1 
(Free cholesterol in medium HDL)1 
(post-operative pain onset time)1 
(Cigarettes smoked per day)1 
(GO:0071805|BP|04|potassium ion transmembrane transport)1 
(4-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol disulfate 1)1 
(myristate (14:0)/myristoleate (14:1n5))1 
(Obesity class III)1