Value histogram for hg38.gwasCatalog.trait
Post bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio1640************************************************************
Post bronchodilator FEV11164*******************************************
Obesity-related traits1014*************************************
IgG glycosylation948***********************************
Body mass index865********************************
Systemic lupus erythematosus485******************
Crohn's disease481******************
Post bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio in COPD461*****************
Type 2 diabetes456*****************
Rheumatoid arthritis431****************
Ulcerative colitis426****************
Waist-to-hip ratio adjusted for body mass index371**************
Inflammatory bowel disease340************
Prostate cancer314***********
HDL cholesterol289***********
3-hydroxypropylmercapturic acid levels in smokers266**********
LDL cholesterol265**********
Blood metabolite levels260**********
Multiple sclerosis256*********
3-hydroxy-1-methylpropylmercapturic acid levels in smokers237*********
Cholesterol, total229********
Breast cancer213********
Alzheimer disease and age of onset204*******
Menarche (age at onset)203*******
Parkinson's disease194*******
Diisocyanate-induced asthma193*******
Night sleep phenotypes188*******
IgA nephropathy180*******
Colorectal cancer172******
Age-related macular degeneration166******
Educational attainment (years of education)161******
QT interval160******
Chronic hepatitis B infection153******
HIV-1 control151******
Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia145*****
Cognitive decline rate in late mild cognitive impairment141*****
Trans fatty acid levels138*****
Bipolar disorder137*****
Bone mineral density133*****
Idiopathic membranous nephropathy131*****
QRS duration129*****
Cognitive performance127*****
Atopic dermatitis125*****
Late-onset Alzheimer's disease123*****
Post bronchodilator FEV1 in COPD122****
Type 1 diabetes122****
Platelet count120****
Coronary heart disease118****
Blood pressure117****
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia115****
Disc degeneration (lumbar)114****
Subjective well-being113****
Pulmonary function110****
Metabolite levels108****
Autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia (combined)104****
Daytime sleep phenotypes102****
PR interval in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity101****
Resting heart rate101****
Morning vs. evening chronotype101****
Lipid metabolism phenotypes98****
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (sporadic)96****
Educational attainment96****
Celiac disease95***
Systolic blood pressure94***
Diastolic blood pressure94***
Pulmonary function (interaction)94***
Response to amphetamines91***
Systemic sclerosis89***
Inflammatory skin disease89***
Primary biliary cirrhosis87***
Phospholipid levels (plasma)86***
Basal cell carcinoma86***
Major depressive disorder84***
Alzheimer's disease (late onset)81***
Red blood cell traits81***
Coronary artery disease79***
Graves' disease78***
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder77***
Glucose homeostasis traits76***
Myopia (pathological)75***
Parental extreme longevity (95 years and older)75***
Urate levels74***
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma74***
White blood cell count72***
Gut microbiota (bacterial taxa)72***
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis71***
Pancreatic cancer70***
Intraocular pressure70***
Dental caries68**
Lung cancer68**
Epstein Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 IgG levels66**
Multiple sclerosis (OCB status)65**
Cognitive function64**
Response to antipsychotic treatment63**
Glomerular filtration rate (creatinine)63**
Adiponectin levels63**
Emphysema imaging phenotypes63**
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (childhood)63**
Parental longevity (mother's age at death)62**
Orofacial clefts61**
Asthma (childhood onset)61**
Blood metabolite ratios61**
Menopause (age at onset)60**
Thiazide-induced adverse metabolic effects in hypertensive patients60**
Thyroid hormone levels60**
Bilirubin levels59**
Alzheimer's disease59**
Complement C3 and C4 levels59**
Coronary artery calcification59**
Diabetic kidney disease58**
Lung disease severity in cystic fibrosis57**
Response to bronchodilator in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (change in FEV1)57**
Polychlorinated biphenyl levels57**
Hodgkin's lymphoma56**
IgE levels56**
Hepatitis B56**
Thionamide-induced agranulocytosis in Graves' disease55**
Protein quantitative trait loci55**
Gut microbiota (functional units)55**
Metabolic syndrome54**
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-related biomarkers54**
Advanced age-related macular degeneration53**
Iron status biomarkers53**
HIV-1 viral setpoint53**
Bone mineral density (spine)53**
Type 1 diabetes and autoimmune thyroid diseases52**
Testicular germ cell tumor52**
Bipolar disorder (body mass index interaction)52**
Myocardial infarction52**
Glomerular filtration rate52**
Visceral adipose tissue adjusted for BMI51**
Parental longevity (combined parental age at death)51**
Migraine without aura51**
Cervical cancer50**
Sudden cardiac arrest50**
Metabolic traits49**
Cutaneous lupus erythematosus48**
Visceral adipose tissue/subcutaneous adipose tissue ratio48**
Mild influenza (H1N1) infection48**
Body fat percentage47**
Immune response to smallpox vaccine (IL-6)47**
Alcohol dependence47**
Subcutaneous adipose tissue47**
Calcium levels47**
Spherical equivalent (joint main effects and education interaction)46**
Optic cup area46**
Pediatric autoimmune diseases46**
Visceral fat46**
Smoking behavior46**
Self-reported allergy45**
Psoriasis vulgaris45**
Follicular lymphoma45**
Chronic kidney disease44**
Sitting height ratio44**
Alzheimer's disease (cognitive decline)44**
Mean corpuscular volume44**
Urate levels in lean individuals43**
Verbal declarative memory43**
Urate levels in overweight individuals43**
Drug-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS/TEN)43**
Neutrophil count43**
Bone mineral density (hip)43**
Hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis42**
Mean platelet volume42**
Smooth-surface caries42**
Uric acid levels42**
Fibrinogen levels41**
Glycerophospholipid levels41**
Cannabis dependence40*
Sex hormone-binding globulin levels40*
Pulmonary function decline40*
Childhood body mass index39*
Severe influenza A (H1N1) infection39*
QRS duration in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity39*
Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted IFN-alpha)39*
Age-related hearing impairment38*
Response to statin therapy38*
Telomere length38*
White matter hyperintensity burden38*
Periodontitis (Mean PAL)37*
Glomerular filtration rate in non diabetics (creatinine)37*
Blood pressure (smoking interaction)37*
Heart rate37*
Glycated hemoglobin levels37*
Beta-2 microglubulin plasma levels37*
Migraine - clinic-based37*
Alzheimer's disease in APOE e4- carriers37*
Clozapine-induced agranulocytosis37*
Pubertal anthropometrics36*
Allergic rhinitis36*
Urinary metabolites (H-NMR features)36*
Fasting plasma glucose36*
C-reactive protein36*
PR interval36*
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin36*
Gut microbiome composition (summer)35*
Motion sickness35*
Response to efavirenz-containing treatment in HIV 1 infection (virologic failure)35*
Bladder cancer35*
Oppositional defiant disorder dimensions in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder35*
Ankylosing spondylitis35*
Waist-hip ratio35*
Urate levels in obese individuals35*
Periodontitis (CDC/AAP)35*
Hepatitis B vaccine response35*
Hair color35*
Lung adenocarcinoma35*
Metabolite levels (small molecules and protein measures)34*
Lupus nephritis in systemic lupus erythematosus34*
Sense of smell34*
Heschl's gyrus morphology34*
Hippocampal atrophy34*
Pelvic organ prolapse (moderate/severe)34*
Optic disc area33*
Gut microbiome composition (winter)33*
Breast size33*
Quantitative traits33*
Adult asthma33*
Dementia and core Alzheimer's disease neuropathologic changes33*
White blood cell types33*
Educational attainment (college completion)33*
Hematology traits33*
Aggressiveness in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder32*
Hepatitis B (viral clearance)32*
Corneal structure32*
Fasting glucose-related traits (interaction with BMI)32*
Fasting glucose-related traits32*
Selective IgA deficiency32*
C-reactive protein levels or total cholesterol levels (pleiotropy)32*
Waist circumference32*
Information processing speed31*
Psoriatic arthritis31*
Behcet's disease31*
Electrocardiographic traits31*
Caffeine metabolism (plasma 1,7-dimethylxanthine (paraxanthine) to 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine (caffeine) ratio)31*
Metabolite levels (lipoprotein measures)31*
Magnesium levels31*
Lewy body disease31*
Positive affect30*
Glaucoma (primary open-angle)30*
Corneal astigmatism30*
Airflow obstruction30*
Ovarian cancer30*
Symmetrical dimethylarginine levels30*
Life satisfaction29*
Warfarin maintenance dose29*
Response to abacavir-containing treatment in HIV-1 infection (virologic failure)29*
Metabolite levels (X-11787)29*
Neurofibrillary tangles29*
Lipid traits29*
Refractive error29*
Colorectal or endometrial cancer29*
Hepatocellular carcinoma29*
Cardiovascular disease risk factors29*
Breast cancer (estrogen-receptor negative)29*
Venous thromboembolism28*
Plasma omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (linoleic acid)28*
Response to platinum-based chemotherapy (cisplatin)28*
Inflammatory biomarkers28*
Response to platinum-based chemotherapy (carboplatin)28*
Sleep duration28*
Liver enzyme levels (gamma-glutamyl transferase)28*
Epithelial ovarian cancer28*
Epilepsy and lamotrigine-induced maculopapular eruptions28*
Asthma and hay fever28*
Loneliness (multivariate analysis)28*
Multiple myeloma28*
Response to tocilizumab in rheumatoid arthritis28*
Polycystic ovary syndrome28*
Diabetic retinopathy28*
Hematological and biochemical traits28*
C-reactive protein levels or LDL-cholesterol levels (pleiotropy)27*
Hemostatic factors and hematological phenotypes27*
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia27*
Response to angiotensin II receptor blocker therapy27*
C-reactive protein levels or HDL-cholesterol levels (pleiotropy)27*
Asparaginase hypersensitivity in acute lymphoblastic leukemia27*
Vertical cup-disc ratio27*
Social communication problems27*
Smoking initiation27*
C-reactive protein levels or triglyceride levels (pleiotropy)27*
Electroencephalogram traits27*
Barrett's esophagus27*
Hippocampal volume27*
Endometrial cancer27*
AIDS progression26*
Thyroid peroxidase antibody positivity26*
Alcohol dependence (age at onset)26*
Eye color26*
Cardiac hypertrophy26*
Classic bladder exstrophy26*
Anorexia nervosa26*
Dialysis-related mortality26*
RR interval (heart rate)26*
Kawasaki disease26*
Acute graft versus host disease in bone marrow transplantation (recipient effect)26*
Cerebral amyloid deposition in APOEe4 non-carriers (PET imaging)26*
Multiple system atrophy26*
Serum total protein level26*
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder26*
Interstitial lung disease26*
Ejection fraction in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity26*
Airway responsiveness in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease26*
Coenzyme Q10 levels25*
Parasitemia in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity25*
Cancer (pleiotropy)25*
Urinary metabolites25*
Capecitabine sensitivity25*
Metabolite levels (HVA/MHPG ratio)25*
Obesity (early onset extreme)25*
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (hyperactivity-impulsivity symptoms)25*
Post-traumatic stress disorder25*
C-reactive protein levels25*
HIV-1 susceptibility25*
Fractional exhaled nitric oxide (childhood)25*
Presence of antiphospholipid antibodies24*
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis24*
Alzheimer's disease biomarkers24*
Percentage gas trapping24*
Squamous cell carcinoma24*
Plasma omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (arachidonic acid)24*
Multiple myeloma (IgH translocation)24*
Attention function in attention deficit hyperactive disorder24*
Pelvic organ prolapse24*
Plasma omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (gamma-linolenic acid)24*
Response to citalopram treatment24*
Serum dimethylarginine levels (asymmetric/symetric ratio)24*
Periodontal disease-related phenotypes23*
Cognitive decline (age-related)23*
Pit-and-Fissure caries23*
Monocyte count23*
Immunoglobulin A23*
Metabolite levels (Pyroglutamine)23*
Cerebrospinal fluid clusterin levels23*
Carotid intima media thickness23*
Bulimia nervosa23*
Migraine with aura23*
Eosinophilic esophagitis23*
Oropharynx cancer23*
Type 1 diabetes autoantibodies23*
Glomerular filtration rate in chronic kidney disease23*
Coronary artery aneurysm in Kawasaki disease23*
Susceptibility to persistent hepatitis B virus infection23*
QRS complex (12-leadsum)23*
Erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer treatment23*
Response to anti-depressant treatment in major depressive disorder22*
Alcohol consumption22*
Plasma omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid)22*
Axial length22*
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (inattention symptoms)22*
Mitochondrial DNA levels22*
QRS complex (Cornell)22*
LDL peak particle diameter (total fat intake interaction)22*
Urate levels (BMI interaction)22*
Fasting insulin-related traits (interaction with BMI)22*
antipsychotic drug dosage in schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder22*
Giant cell arteritis22*
Ischemic stroke22*
Response to cytadine analogues (cytosine arabinoside)22*
Age at first birth22*
Sphingolipid levels22*
Personality dimensions22*
Common traits (Other)22*
Allergic sensitization22*
Glaucoma (primary angle closure)22*
Systemic lupus erythematosus and Systemic sclerosis21*
Exploratory eye movement dysfunction in schizophrenia (responsive search score)21*
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (combined symptoms)21*
Age-related macular degeneration (GA)21*
Behavioural disinhibition (generation interaction)21*
Local histogram emphysema pattern21*
Methotrexate phramacokinetics (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)21*
Response to zileuton treatment in asthma (FEV1 change interaction)21*
Age at smoking initiation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease21*
Cannabis use (initiation)21*
Late-onset myasthenia gravis21*
Economic and political preferences (environmentalism)21*
Very long-chain saturated fatty acid levels (fatty acid 20:0)21*
Brain structure21*
End-stage coagulation21*
Response to serotonin reuptake inhibitors in major depressive disorder21*
Myasthenia gravis21*
Asymmetrical dimethylarginine levels21*
Oral cavity cancer21*
Response to serotonin reuptake inhibitors in major depressive disorder (plasma drug and metabolite levels)21*
Serum thyroid-stimulating hormone levels21*
Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 activity and mass21*
EGFR mutation-positive lung adenocarcinoma21*
Atrial fibrillation21*
Bone properties (heel)20*
Neuritic plaque20*
Infant length20*
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease20*
Antibody status in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity20*
Plasma omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (docosahexaenoic acid)20*
Clozapine-induced cytotoxicity20*
Metabolite levels (MHPG)20*
Primary tooth development (number of teeth)20*
Post-traumatic stress disorder (asjusted for relatedness)20*
Narcolepsy (age of onset)20*
Metabolite levels (Dihydroxy docosatrienoic acid)20*
Cisplatin-induced ototoxicity20*
Febrile seizures (MMR vaccine-related)19*
Select biomarker traits19*
Hematological parameters19*
Airway wall thickness19*
DNA methylation (variation)19*
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease histology (other)19*
Primary tooth development (time to first tooth eruption)19*
Advanced glycation end-product levels19*
Bone mineral density (paediatric, skull)19*
Platelet aggregation19*
Response to hepatitis C treatment19*
Chronic hepatitis C infection19*
Exploratory eye movement dysfunction in schizophrenia (number of eye fixations)19*
Homocysteine levels19*
Sjogren's syndrome19*
Political ideology19*
Intracranial aneurysm19*
Loneliness (linear analysis)18*
Clozapine-induced agranulocytosis/granulocytopenia in treatment-resistant schizophrenia18*
Serum albumin level18*
Response to methotrexate in juvenile idiopathic arthritis18*
Activated partial thromboplastin time18*
Cardiac Troponin-T levels18*
Survival in rectal cancer18*
Posterior cortical atrophy and Alzheimer's disease18*
Barrett's esophagus or Esophageal adenocarcinoma18*
Estradiol plasma levels (breast cancer)18*
Age-related macular degeneration (CNV)18*
Response to anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis18*
Conduct disorder (symptom count)18*
Breast cancer (early onset)18*
Chagas cardiomyopathy in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity18*
Serum metabolite levels18*
Response to antipsychotic therapy (extrapyramidal side effects)18*
Corneal curvature18*
Bone mineral density (Ward's triangle area)18*
Toenail selenium levels18*
Periodontitis (PAL4Q3)18*
Anxiety disorder17*
Cutaneous malignant melanoma17*
Non-small cell lung cancer17*
Acne (severe)17*
Alzheimer's disease in APOE e4+ carriers17*
Cerebral amyloid deposition (PET imaging)17*
Central corneal thickness17*
Metabolic syndrome (bivariate traits)17*
Knee osteoarthritis17*
Obesity (extreme)17*
Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted IL-2)17*
Coronary artery disease or large artery stroke17*
QT interval (interaction)17*
Biochemical measures17*
Refractive astigmatism17*
Economic and political preferences17*
Fat distribution (HIV)17*
Panic disorder17*
Frontotemporal dementia17*
Heart failure17*
Retinopathy in non-diabetics16*
Marginal zone lymphoma16*
Bipolar disorder with mood-incongruent psychosis16*
Abdominal aortic aneurysm16*
Periodontal microbiota16*
Renal function-related traits (BUN)16*
Cutaneous psoriasis16*
Subcortical brain region volumes16*
Response to anti-retroviral therapy (ddI/d4T) in HIV-1 infection (Grade 3 peripheral neuropathy)16*
Vitamin D levels16*
Psychosis (atypical)16*
Inattentive symptoms16*
Response to taxane treatment (docetaxel)16*
Oleic acid (18:1n-9) plasma levels16*
Response to radiotherapy in prostate cancer (overall toxicity)16*
Hip geometry16*
Oral cavity and pharyngeal cancer16*
Tourette's syndrome or obsessive-compulsive disorder15*
Eating disorders15*
Celiac disease or Rheumatoid arthritis15*
Exploratory eye movement dysfunction in schizophrenia (cognitive search score)15*
cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma15*
Cocaine dependence15*
Progressive supranuclear palsy15*
Bone mineral density (paediatric, total body less head)15*
Ovarian cancer in BRCA1 mutation carriers15*
Hyperactive-impulsive symptoms15*
Hirschsprung disease15*
Homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (interaction)15*
Anthropometric traits15*
Conduct disorder (interaction)15*
Urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio15*
Plasma clusterin levels15*
Periodontitis (DPAL)15*
Palmitoleic acid (16:1n-7) plasma levels15*
Triptolide cytotoxicity15*
Lentiform nucleus volume15*
Acylcarnitine levels15*
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma15*
Cerebrospinal AB1-42 levels15*
Word reading15*
Anti-thyroid drug induced agranulocytosis15*
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration15*
Male-pattern baldness15*
Lipoprotein (a) - cholesterol levels15*
IgE grass sensitization15*
Insulin resistance/response15*
Coronary artery disease or ischemic stroke15*
Sex hormone levels15*
Multiple myeloma and monoclonal gammopathy15*
Hair morphology15*
Economic and political preferences (immigration/crime)15*
Lipoprotein (a) levels15*
Liver enzyme levels (alanine transaminase)15*
Rheumatoid arthritis (ACPA-negative)15*
Body mass index (interaction)15*
Staphylococcus aureus infection15*
Renal function-related traits (eGRFcrea)15*
Serum uric acid levels14*
Mortality in heart failure14*
nicotine metabolite ratio in current smokers14*
Alopecia areata14*
Serum protein levels (sST2)14*
Temperament (bipolar disorder)14*
Airway imaging phenotypes14*
Multiple myeloma (hyperdiploidy)14*
Drug-induced liver injury (amoxicillin-clavulanate)14*
Folate pathway vitamin levels14*
Cognitive test performance14*
Gut microbiota (beta diversity)14*
Arthritis (juvenile idiopathic)14*
Vascular brain injury14*
Vascular endothelial growth factor levels14*
Fasting insulin (interaction)14*
Liver enzyme levels (alkaline phosphatase)14*
Waist-to-hip circumference ratio (interaction)14*
CD4:CD8 lymphocyte ratio14*
Age-related nuclear cataracts14*
D-dimer levels14*
Mortality in sepsis14*
Eosinophilic esophagitis (pediatric)14*
Food antigen IgG levels14*
Essential tremor14*
Influenza A (H1N1) infection14*
Response to cyclophosphamide in systemic lupus erythematosus with lupus nephritis14*
Immune response to anthrax vaccine14*
Lead levels in blood14*
Response to statins (LDL cholesterol change)14*
Renal function-related traits (sCR)14*
Obstructive sleep apnea trait (average respiratory event duration)14*
Depression (quantitative trait)13 
Obstructive sleep apnea trait (apnea hipopnea index)13 
Birth weight13 
Mean arterial pressure13 
Response to chemotherapy in breast cancer hypertensive cases (cumulative dose) (bevacizumab)13 
Metabolite levels (5-HIAA)13 
Plasma omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid level (eicosapentaenoic acid)13 
Diffuse large B cell lymphoma13 
Hippocampal sclerosis13 
Metabolite levels (HVA)13 
Esophageal adenocarcinoma13 
Alzheimer's disease (age of onset)13 
Colorectal cancer (diet interaction)13 
Plasma omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (adrenic acid)13 
Paget's disease13 
Thyroid peroxidase antibody levels13 
Cystic fibrosis severity13 
Wegener's granulomatosis13 
Gestational age at birth (child effect)13 
Obsessive-compulsive symptoms13 
Aortic root size13 
Response to taxane treatment (placlitaxel)13 
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease histology (lobular)13 
Exudative age-related macular degeneration13 
Esophageal cancer13 
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (age of onset)13 
Preschool internalizing problems13 
Non-obstructive azoospermia13 
Docetaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer13 
Coffee consumption13 
Lung function (forced expiratory flow between 25% and 75% of forced vital capacity)13 
Dupuytren's disease13 
Blood trace element (Se levels)13 
Electrodermal activity13 
Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted IL-1beta)13 
QT interval in Tripanosoma cruzi seropositivity13 
Red blood cell fatty acid levels13 
Elevated serum carcinoembryonic antigen levels13 
Mammographic density (dense area)12 
Waist circumference adjusted for body mass index12 
Cotinine glucuronidation12 
Response to anti-retroviral therapy (ddI/d4T) in HIV-1 infection (Grade 2 peripheral neuropathy)12 
Metabolite levels (HVA-5-HIAA Factor score)12 
Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder12 
Restless legs syndrome12 
Brain connectivity12 
Adverse response to lamotrigine and phenytoin12 
Modified Stumvoll Insulin Sensitivity Index (interaction with BMI)12 
Blood and toenail selenium levels12 
Alcohol dependence symptom count12 
Radiation response12 
Epstein-Barr virus immune response (EBNA-1)12 
Electrocardiographic conduction measures12 
Homeostasis model assessment of beta-cell function (interaction)12 
Narcolepsy (onset before 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic)12 
Response to treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia12 
Number of pregnancies12 
Survival in microsatellite instability low/stable colorectal cancer12 
Laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma12 
Response to fenofibrate (adiponectin levels)12 
Conduct disorder12 
Response to metformin (IC50)12 
Pre bronchodilator FEV112 
Response to radiotherapy in prostate cancer (toxicity, urinary frequency)12 
Economic and political preferences (feminism/equality)12 
Pre bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio12 
Palmitic acid (16:0) plasma levels12 
Gestational age at birth in labor-initiated deliveries (child effect)12 
Brain imaging12 
Mixed cryoglobulinemia vasculitis in chronic hepatitis C infection12 
Survival in colon cancer12 
Multiple sclerosis (severity)12 
Prostate-specific antigen levels12 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (all antimicrotubule drugs)12 
Chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease11 
Systolic blood pressure (alcohol consumption interaction)11 
Total bilirubin levels in HIV-1 infection11 
Neonatal lupus11 
Response to cognitive-behavioural therapy in anxiety disorder11 
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (time to onset)11 
Response to antipsychotic treatment in schizophrenia (working memory)11 
Childhood and early adolescence aggressive behavior11 
Blood trace element (Zn levels)11 
Bone mineral density (paediatric, lower limb)11 
Corticobasal degeneration11 
Yu-Zhi constitution type in type 2 diabetes11 
Metabolite levels (5-HIAA/ MHPG Ratio)11 
Superior frontal gyrus grey matter volume11 
Bone mineral density (paediatric, upper limb)11 
Psychosis and Alzheimer's disease11 
Prion diseases11 
Dengue shock syndrome11 
Systolic blood pressure response to hydrochlorothiazide in hypertension11 
Number of children (6+ vs. 0 or 1)11 
Prostate cancer (early onset)11 
Tumor biomarkers11 
Response to anti-retroviral therapy (ddI/d4T) in HIV-1 infection (Grade 1 peripheral neuropathy)11 
Non-glioblastoma glioma11 
vWF and FVIII levels11 
Trichloroethylene-induced hypersensitivity syndrome11 
Very long-chain saturated fatty acid levels (fatty acid 22:0)11 
Glycemic traits11 
Cerebrospinal T-tau levels11 
Developmental language disorder (linguistic errors)11 
Renal cell carcinoma11 
Caffeine metabolism (plasma 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine (caffeine) level)11 
Glucocorticoid-induced osteonecrosis (age 10 years and older)11 
Type 1 diabetes nephropathy11 
Total ventricular volume (Alzheimer's disease interaction)11 
Blood pressure measurement (high sodium and potassium intervention)11 
Pulse pressure11 
Conotruncal heart defects11 
Eating disorders (purging via substances)11 
F-cell distribution11 
Glycemic traits (pregnancy)11 
Low high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels11 
Stearic acid (18:0) plasma levels11 
Proinsulin levels10 
Blood pressure measurement (low sodium intervention)10 
Response to radiotherapy in cancer (late toxicity)10 
Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis10 
Metabolite levels (HVA/5-HIAA ratio)10 
Digestive system disease (Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma combined)10 
circulating leptin levels10 
Pulmonary function in asthmatics10 
Parkinson disease and lewy body pathology10 
Plasma amyloid beta peptide concentrations (ABx-40)10 
Thyroid cancer10 
Alcohol and nictotine co-dependence10 
Eyebrow thickness10 
Optic nerve measurement (cup area)10 
Longevity (90 years and older)10 
Paclitaxel-induced neuropathy10 
Bipolar disorder and eating disorder10 
Circulating myeloperoxidase levels (serum)10 
Caffeine consumption10 
Light vs. dark hair color10 
Urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio in non-diabetics10 
Bone mineral accretion in asthma (oral corticosteroid dose interaction)10 
Immune response to measles-mumps-rubella vaccine10 
Brown vs. non-brown hair color10 
Lifetime average cigarettes per day in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease10 
Response to cytidine analogues (gemcitabine)10 
Non-chemotherapy drug induced agranulocytosis10 
Economic and political preferences (time)10 
Self-rated health10 
Response to antipsychotic treatment in schizophrenia (reasoning)10 
Relative hand skill in reading disability10 
Blood pressure measurement (high sodium intervention)10 
Reading and spelling10 
Body mass index (change over time)10 
Liver enzyme levels10 
Depressive symptoms (SSRI exposure interaction)10 
Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted IL-12p40)10 
Hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis B infection10 
Testosterone levels10 
Aging traits10 
Dietary macronutrient intake10 
Sexual dimorphism in anthropometric traits10 
Eosinophil counts10 
Bone mineral density (femoral neck)10 
Epilepsy (generalized)10 
Glucocorticoid-induced osteonecrosis10 
Manic episodes in bipolar disorder10 
Illicit drug use10 
Stroke (ischemic)10 
Food addiction10 
Systolic blood pressure in sickle cell anemia10 
Systolic blood pressure change trajectories10 
Gastric cancer10 
Response to radiotherapy in prostate cancer (toxicity, decreased urine stream)9 
Alcoholism (heaviness of drinking)9 
Breast cancer (survival)9 
Objective response to lithium treatment in bipolar disorder9 
Anti-cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody9 
Mean arterial pressure (alcohol consumption interaction)9 
Acute urticaria and angioedema (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced)9 
Plasma omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels (alphalinolenic acid)9 
Pre-treatment pain in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma9 
White matter integrity9 
Response to fenofibrate9 
Drug-induced liver injury9 
Eye morphology9 
Idiopathic osteonecrosis of the femoral head9 
Iron status biomarkers (transferrin levels)9 
Response to Homoharringtonine (cytotoxicity)9 
circulating leptin levels adjusted for BMI9 
Large artery stroke9 
Immunoglobulin G index levels in multiple sclerosis9 
Body mass index in non-asthmatics9 
Endometrial endometrioid carcinoma9 
Pneumococcal bacteremia9 
Major depressive disorder (broad)9 
Low vWF levels9 
Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis9 
Lung function (FEV1)9 
Hip minimal joint space width9 
Asparaginase-induced acute pancreatitis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (onset time)9 
Systemic lupus erythematosus or rheumatoid arthritis9 
QRS complex (Sokolow-Lyon)9 
Delta-6 desaturase activity9 
Serum prostate-specific antigen levels9 
Lung function (FVC)9 
β2-Glycoprotein I (β2-GPI) plasma levels9 
Autoimmune hepatitis type-19 
Emphysema distribution in smoking9 
Postprandial triglyceride response to high fat diet meal9 
Insomnia (caffeine-induced)9 
Longitudinal change in brain amyloid plaque burden9 
Coffee consumption (cups per day)9 
Cannabis use (age at onset)9 
Bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder (combined)9 
Response to antidepressants9 
Response to lithium treatment in bipolar disorder9 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (carboplatin)9 
Myocardial infarction (early onset)9 
Amino acid levels9 
Cerebrospinal P-tau181p levels9 
Gut microbiome composition (summer and winter)9 
Response to antineoplastic agents9 
Cytomegalovirus antibody response9 
C-reactive protein and white blood cell count9 
Black vs. blond hair color9 
Black vs. red hair color9 
Exploratory eye movement dysfunction in schizophrenia (total eye scanning length)9 
Interferon alpha levels in systemic lupus erythematosus9 
Response to inhaled corticosteroid treatment in asthma (change in FEV1)9 
Peripheral artery disease9 
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (moderate to severe)9 
Bone mineral density (spine) and age at menarche9 
Scalp hair shape9 
Breastfeeding duration9 
Protein C levels8 
Response to TNF antagonist treatment8 
Mitral valve prolapse8 
Treatment response for severe sepsis8 
Severity of facial solar lentigines8 
Red wine liking8 
Hair greying8 
Anxiety in major depressive disorder8 
Epilepsy (remission after treatment)8 
Aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease in asthmatics8 
Multiple sclerosis (age of onset)8 
White matter hyperintensities in ischemic stroke8 
Response to mTOR inhibitor (everolimus)8 
Oligoclonal band status in multiple sclerosis8 
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis8 
Psychosis in Alzheimer's disease8 
White wine liking8 
HDL Cholesterol - Triglycerides (HDLC-TG)8 
Red blood cell count8 
Antinuclear antibody levels8 
Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome8 
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate levels8 
Change in intraocular pressure in response to steroid treatment (triamcinolone acetonide)8 
Total ventricular volume8 
Bone mineral density (hip) and age at menarche8 
Anticoagulant levels8 
Diastolic blood pressure response to hydrochlorothiazide in hypertension8 
Biomedical quantitative traits8 
Gestational age at birth in premature rupture of membrane-initiated deliveries (child effect)8 
Response to irinotecan and platinum-based chemotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer8 
Membranous nephropathy8 
Vitamin B levels in ischemic stroke8 
Kidney function decline traits8 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (paclitaxel)8 
Number of children8 
Drug-induced liver injury (flucloxacillin)8 
Depression and alcohol dependence8 
PR segment8 
Blond vs non-blond hair color8 
Glaucoma (high intraocular pressure)8 
Age-related macular degeneration (extreme sampling)8 
Response to Vitamin E supplementation8 
Lobe size8 
Plasma amyloid beta peptide concentrations (ABx-42)8 
Insulin-like growth factors8 
Response to interferon beta therapy8 
Smoking quantity8 
Ear morphology8 
Expressive vocabulary in infants8 
Beard thickness8 
Delta-5 desaturase activity8 
Subclinical atherosclerosis traits (other)8 
Hemoglobin levels8 
Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS-TEN)8 
Renal sinus fat8 
Estradiol levels8 
Liver enzyme levels (aspartate transaminase)8 
Aging (time to event)8 
N-glycan levels8 
Proteinuria and chronic kidney disease8 
Thyroid volume8 
Response to TNF-alpha inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis8 
Non-cardia gastric cancer8 
Systolic blood pressure (cigarette smoking interaction)8 
Echocardiographic traits8 
Electroencephalographic traits in alcoholism8 
Gestational age at birth in premature rupture of membrane-initiated deliveries (maternal effect)8 
Narcolepsy with cataplexy8 
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptom score8 
Hepcidin levels8 
Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine8 
Smoking cessation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease8 
Age of smoking initiation8 
Nevirapine-induced rash8 
Mammographic density (non-dense area)8 
Nose morphology8 
Renal underexcretion gout8 
Osteoporosis-related phenotypes8 
Lumiracoxib-related liver injury8 
Skin sensitivity to sun7 
Influenza A (H1N1) severity7 
Sleep quality7 
Circulating vasoactive peptide levels7 
Depressive and manic episodes in bipolar disorder7 
Alcoholism (alcohol use disorder factor score)7 
Allergic rhinitis in non-asthmatics7 
Pyoderma gangrenosum in inflammatory bowel disease7 
Atopic march7 
Facial depth7 
Waist Circumference - Triglycerides (WC-TG)7 
Carotid atherosclerosis in HIV infection7 
Optic nerve measurement (disc area)7 
White matter lesion progression7 
Multiple cancers (lung cancer, gastric cancer, and squamous cell carcinoma)7 
Economic and political preferences (fairness)7 
Febrile seizures7 
Middle childhood and early adolescence aggressive behavior7 
Thrombomodulin levels in ischemic stroke7 
Adverse response to carbamapezine7 
Ovarian reserve7 
Liver fibrosis severity in HIV/hepatitis C co-infection7 
Personality traits in bipolar disorder7 
Emphysema-related traits7 
Forced expiratory volume in 1 second (environmental interaction)7 
Alzheimer's disease (survival time)7 
Vitamin B12 levels7 
Gastroesophageal reflux disease7 
DNA methylation (parent-of-origin)7 
Number of children ever born7 
Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 activity change in response to statin therapy7 
Response to citalopram or escitalopram in depression7 
Bitter taste perception7 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (cisplatin)7 
Sensory disturbances after bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy7 
Ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease7 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (docetaxel)7 
Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage (intermittent)7 
Tourette syndrome7 
Depressive episodes in bipolar disorder7 
Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase7 
Leishmaniasis (visceral)7 
Metabolite levels (lipid measures)7 
Chemerin levels7 
Antibody level in response to infection7 
Blood trace element (Cu levels)7 
Adverse response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (alopecia) (anti-microtubule)7 
Erythrocyte cadmium concentration in never smokers7 
Postoperative atrial fibrillation in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery7 
Hormone measurements7 
Vein graft stenosis in coronary artery bypass grafting7 
Esophageal cancer (squamous cell)7 
Longitudinal alcohol consumption7 
HPV seropositivity7 
Current cigarettes per day in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease7 
Adverse response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (alopecia) (cyclophosphamide+doxorubicin+/-5FU)7 
middle facial morphology traits (quantitative measurement)7 
Enteric fever7 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (paclitaxel + carboplatin)7 
Iris characteristics7 
Blood pressure measurement (cold pressor test)7 
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms (interaction)7 
Nicotine dependence7 
Breast Cancer in BRCA1 mutation carriers7 
Response to Pazopanib in cancer (hepatotoxicity)7 
Peanut allergy7 
Forced vital capacity7 
Crohn's disease-related phenotypes7 
Thrombin-antithrombin complex levels in ischemic stroke7 
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy7 
Response to simvastatin treatment (PCSK9 protein level change)7 
Wilms tumor7 
Soluble interleukin-2 receptor subunit alpha7 
Response to thiopurine immunosuppressants in inflammatory bowel disease (pancreatitis) (azathioprine and mercaptopurine)7 
Monobrow thickness7 
Response to methylphenidate treatment in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (blood pressure)7 
Percent mammographic density7 
Urinary bladder cancer7 
Resistin levels7 
Gallstone disease7 
Follicule stimulating hormone6 
Weight loss (gastric bypass surgery)6 
Non-small cell lung cancer (survival)6 
Glioma (high-grade)6 
Skin colour saturation6 
Autism spectrum disorder-related traits6 
Triglycerides-Blood Pressure (TG-BP)6 
Creatinine levels in ischemic stroke6 
White matter lesion progression (adjusted for white matter lesion burden at baseline)6 
Hepatitis C induced liver fibrosis6 
Dysmenorrheic pain6 
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease6 
Cannabis use6 
Alcoholism (alcohol dependence factor score)6 
Male fertility6 
Type 2 diabetes nephropathy6 
Body mass index in asthmatics6 
Optic nerve measurement (rim area)6 
Helix rolling6 
Bladder cancer (smoking interaction)6 
Intelligence (childhood)6 
Asthma (sex interaction)6 
Birth length6 
Urgency urinary incontinence6 
Blond vs. brown hair color6 
Left superior temporal gyrus thickness (schizophrenia interaction)6 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (all topoisomerase inhibitors)6 
Response to platinum-based chemotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer6 
Antithyroid drug-induced agranulocytosis6 
Brain imaging in schizophrenia (interaction)6 
Vincristine-induced peripheral neuropathy in acute lymphoblastic leukemia6 
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (severe)6 
Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted IL-10)6 
Androgen levels6 
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (variant)6 
Folding of antihelix6 
Femoral neck bone geometry and menarche (age at onset)6 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (all anthracycline-based drugs)6 
Response to iloperidone treatment (QT prolongation)6 
Schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder6 
Menarche and menopause (age at onset)6 
White matter integrity (interaction)6 
Psychotic symptoms and prion disease6 
Discordance in emotional problems in monozygotic twins6 
Serum sulfate level6 
Nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate6 
Setpoint viral load in HIV-1 infection6 
Testicular germ cell cancer6 
Tetralogy of Fallot6 
Ticagrelor levels in individuals with acute coronary syndromes treated with ticagrelor6 
Partial epilepsies6 
Immune reponse to smallpox (secreted TNF-alpha)6 
Mucinous ovarian carcinoma6 
Cerebrospinal fluid t-tau:AB1-42 ratio6 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (all platinum-based drugs)6 
Erectile dysfunction in type 1 diabetes6 
Serum parathyroid hormone levels6 
Iron status biomarkers (transferrin saturation)6 
Clinical laboratory measurements6 
Recalcitrant atopic dermatitis6 
Response to mTOR inhibitor (rapamycin)6 
Serum lycopene concentrations6 
Social autistic-like traits6 
Type 2 diabetes and other traits6 
Creatine kinase in statin users6 
Platelet thrombus formation6 
Breast cancer (estrogen-receptor negative, progesterone-receptor negative, and human epidermal growth factor-receptor negative)6 
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease histology (AST)6 
Insulin-related traits6 
Survival in sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis6 
Osteoarthritis (hip)6 
Acoustic startle blink response6 
Non-response to bupropion and depression6 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (all antimetabolite drugs)6 
Nicotine use6 
Alcohol consumption (transferrin glycosylation)6 
Orthostatic hypotension5 
Response to citalopram or escitalopram and depression5 
Adverse response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (alopecia) (paclitaxel)5 
Multiple sclerosis--Brain Glutamate Levels5 
Renal overload gout5 
Blue vs. green eyes5 
Tandem gait5 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (epirubicin)5 
Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression (combined)5 
Autism spectrum disorder5 
Sexual dysfunction (SSRI/SNRI-related)5 
Sleep time5 
Response to acetaminophen (hepatotoxicity)5 
Atrioventricular conduction5 
Male infertility5 
Juvenile osteochondritis dissecans5 
Soluble ICAM-15 
Non-response to citalopram or escitalopram and depression5 
Soluble levels of adhesion molecules5 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (gemcitabine)5 
Response to bupropion and depression5 
Head circumference (infant)5 
Heroin dependence5 
Plasma plasminogen activator levels5 
Chronic periodontitis (mean interproximal clinical attachment level)5 
Functional impairment in major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia5 
Circulating phylloquinone levels5 
Uterine fibroids5 
Gallbladder cancer5 
Hypersomnia (HLA-DQB1*06:02 negative)5 
Erythrocyte cadmium concentration5 
Suicide behavior5 
Response to exercise (triglyceride levels)5 
Neuropathic pain in type 2 diabetes5 
Anthropometric traits in newborns5 
Fast beta electroencephalogram5 
Food allergy5 
Volumetric brain MRI5 
Lung function (FEV1/FVC)5 
Cingulate cortical amyloid beta load5 
Multiple system atrophy (pathologically confirmed)5 
Parkinson's disease (age of onset)5 
Optic nerve measurement (cup-to-disc ratio)5 
Lip morphology5 
Congenital left-sided heart lesions5 
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-cell precursor)5 
Bronchodilator response in asthma (inhaled corticosteroid treatment interaction)5 
Plasma homocysteine levels (post-methionine load test)5 
Urinary uromodulin levels5 
Ischemic stroke (large artery atherosclerosis)5 
Parkinson's disease (motor and cognition)5 
Response to antidepressants and depression5 
Normalized brain volume5 
Smoking cessation5 
Hearing function5 
Brain structure (temporal lobe volume)5 
Non-word repetition5 
Response to bupropion in depression5 
Iron status biomarkers (ferritin levels)5 
Response to radiotherapy in prostate cancer (toxicity, rectal bleeding)5 
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment5 
Cerebrospinal fluid levels of Alzheimer's disease-related proteins5 
Response to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and depression5 
Red vs non-red hair color5 
Phosphorus levels5 
Obstructive sleep apnea (average oxygen saturation during sleep)5 
Asperger disorder5 
Molar-incisor hypomineralization5 
Non-albumin protein levels5 
Creatinine levels5 
Cutaneous nevi5 
Cervical artery dissection5 
Non-response to antidepressants and depression5 
Erythema nodosum in inflammatory bowel disease5 
Response to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in depression5 
Milk allergy5 
Response to angiotensin II receptor blocker therapy (opposite direction w/ diuretic therapy)5 
Entorhinal cortical thickness5 
Sleep-related phenotypes5 
Obsessive-compulsive disorder5 
Hip circumference (psychosocial stress interaction)5 
Breast cancer (prognosis)5 
Retinal vascular caliber5 
Anti-saccade response5 
Mammographic density5 
Non-response to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and depression5 
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate5 
Stroke (pediatric)5 
Iron status biomarkers (iron levels)5 
Formal thought disorder in schizophrenia5 
Fetal hemoglobin levels5 
Lp (a) levels5 
Morbidity-free survival5 
Kidney stones5 
Response to gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer5 
Chronic mucus hypersecretion5 
Two-hour glucose challenge5 
White matter microstructure (global fractional anisotropy)5 
Contrast sensitivity5 
Recombination measurement5 
Perioperative myocardial infarction in coronary artery bypass surgery5 
Spontaneous preterm birth (preterm birth)5 
Gait rhythm5 
Egg allergy5 
Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage (persistent)5 
Eating disorder in bipolar disorder5 
Bipolar disorder (inflammation and infection response interaction)5 
Response to antidepressants in depression5 
Thyroid function4 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (5-fluorouracil)4 
Verbal-numerical reasoning4 
Sporadic pituitary adenoma4 
Amyloid A serum levels4 
HIV-associated dementia4 
Diastolic blood pressure (alcohol consumption interaction)4 
Carotid plaque burden (smoking interaction)4 
Very long-chain saturated fatty acid levels (fatty acid 24:0)4 
Schizophrenia (inflammation and infection response interaction)4 
Gastric adenocarcinoma (histologically verified)4 
Inguinal hernia4 
Renal function-related traits (urea)4 
Ileal carcinoids4 
Cardiac repolarization4 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (etoposide)4 
Adiponectin levels (BMI-adjusted)4 
Maximal oxygen uptake response4 
Irritable bowel syndrome4 
Matrix metalloproteinase levels4 
Permanent tooth development4 
Epstein Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 IgG levels or multiple sclerosis4 
Osteoarthritis biomarkers4 
facial morphology traits (multivariate analysis)4 
Carotid artery intima media thickness (sex interaction)4 
Cerebrospinal fluid p-Tau181p:AB1-42 ratio4 
Plasma lactate levels4 
Cranial base width4 
Response to dabigatran etexilate treatment4 
Incident myocardial infarction4 
Intracranial volume4 
Depressive symptoms (stressful life events interaction)4 
Survival in colorectal cancer (distant metastatic)4 
Adverse response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (alopecia) (docetaxel)4 
Diabetes related insulin traits4 
Plasma plasminogen levels4 
Esophageal cancer (alcohol interaction)4 
Whole-brain volume4 
Gamma gluatamyl transferase levels4 
Developmental language disorder4 
Chronic kidney disease and serum creatinine levels4 
Non-substance related behavioral disinhibition4 
Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 levels (PAI-1)4 
Whole-brain volume (Alzheimer's disease interaction)4 
Exfoliation syndrome4 
Apolipoprotein A-IV levels4 
Facial pigmentation4 
Suicidal ideation4 
Left inferior lateral ventricle volume (Cerebrospinal fluid biomarker status interaction)4 
Pharmacokinetics of olanzapine in severe mental disorder (concentration dose ratio)4 
PCA3 expression level4 
Waist circumference and related phenotypes4 
White matter hyperintensity volume in cerebral autosomal-dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy4 
Response to anti-TNF alpha therapy in inflammatory bowel disease4 
Obesity in adult survivors of childhood cancer exposed to cranial radiation4 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (doxorubicin)4 
Renal function and chronic kidney disease4 
Caffeine metabolism (plasma 1,3-dimethylxanthine (theophylline) level)4 
Brain structure (hippocampal volume)4 
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease4 
Type 2 diabetes (dietary heme iron intake interaction)4 
Myeloproliferative neoplasms4 
Sickle cell anemia (haemolysis)4 
Febrile seizures (MMR vaccine-unrelated)4 
IgE levels in asthmatics4 
Lobe attachment4 
Intracranial, abdominal aortic or thoracic aortic aneurysm (pleiotropy)4 
Objective response to lithium treatment4 
Acenocoumarol maintenance dosage4 
Modified Stumvoll Insulin Sensitivity Index4 
Subjective response to lithium treatment4 
Osteoprotegerin levels4 
Parkinson's disease (familial, age at onset)4 
Suicide risk4 
Bone mineral density (total hip)4 
Crohn's disease and psoriasis4 
Alzheimer's disease (APOE e4 interaction)4 
Hepatic lipid content in extreme obesity4 
Serum tamsulosin hydrochloride concentration4 
Pulse pressure (alcohol consumption interaction)4 
Renal transplant outcome4 
Perceived skin darkness4 
Cardiac structure and function4 
Visceral adipose tissue4 
Exercise treadmill test traits4 
Longevity (85 years and older)4 
Non-melanoma skin cancer4 
Eye color traits4 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (cyclophosphamide)4 
Pharmacokinetics of antiepileptic drugs in severe mental disorder (concentration drug ratio)4 
Factor VII4 
Subjective response to lithium treatment in bipolar disorder4 
Otitis media (recurrent)4 
Heart rate variability traits4 
Sexual dysfunction (female)4 
Skin pigmentation4 
Inflammatory bowel disease (early onset)4 
Thiopurine S-methyltransferase activity4 
Depression in response to interferon-based therapy in chronic hepatitis C4 
Parent of origin effect on language impairment (paternal)4 
Other erythrocyte phenotypes4 
Suicide in bipolar disorder4 
Proteinuria in chronic kidney disease4 
Gaucher disease severity4 
Fasting insulin-related traits4 
Thyroid stimulating hormone4 
Serum selenium levels4 
Otitis media4 
Opioid sensitivity4 
Esophageal cancer and gastric cancer4 
Thrombin generation potential phenotypes4 
Relative hand skill3 
Response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (hypertension) (bevacizumab)3 
Exercise (leisure time)3 
Age-related cataracts3 
Musician's dystonia3 
Circulating myeloperoxidase levels (plasma)3 
Response to alcohol consumption (flushing response)3 
Asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease3 
Natriuretic peptide levels3 
Schizophrenia (treatment resistant)3 
Hemoglobin A2 levels in sickle cell anemia3 
Progression free survival in metastatic colorectal cancer (CAPOX-B vs CAPOX-B plus cetuximab)3 
Optic disc parameters3 
IgE levels in asthmatics (D.p. specific)3 
Acute graft versus host disease in bone marrow transplantation (donor effect)3 
P wave duration3 
Severe malaria3 
Thyrotoxic hypokalemic periodic paralysis3 
Age-related cataracts (age at onset)3 
NT-proBNP levels in acute coronary syndrome3 
Early childhood aggressive behavior3 
Callous-unemotional behaviour3 
Developmental language disorder (syntactic complexity)3 
Psychotic symptoms in prion disease3 
Brain lesion load3 
Pathological gambling3 
Aging (time to death)3 
Schizophrenia (negative symptoms)3 
Ear protrusion3 
Blood pressure (age interaction)3 
Adverse response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (alopecia)3 
Breast cancer (male)3 
Adverse response to chemotherapy (neutropenia/leucopenia) (camptothecin)3 
vWF levels3 
L-arginine levels3 
Glaucoma (low intraocular pressure)3 
Skin and soft tissue Staphylococcus aureus infection3 
ADAMTS13 activity3 
Prostate cancer aggressiveness3 
Suicide attempts in bipolar disorder3 
Urinary albumin excretion3 
Endothelial growth factor levels3 
Event-related brain oscillations3 
Serum alkaline phosphatase levels3 
Vitamin E levels3 
Fibrinogen levels (smoking status, alcohol consumption or body mass index interaction)3 
Triglyceride levels3 
Butyrylcholinesterase levels3 
Acute kidney injury in critical illness3 
Body mass index (education interaction)3 
Testicular cancer3 
Carotenoid levels (alpha-carotene)3 
Apolipoprotein Levels3 
Paclitaxel-induced cytotoxicity3 
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-13 
Prostate cancer (survival)3 
Brugada syndrome3 
Drinking behavior3 
Life threatening arrhythmia3 
Response to antidepressant treatment (citalopram)3 
IgG levels3 
Tooth agenesis (mandibular third molar)3 
Response to interferon beta in multiple sclerosis3 
Biliary atresia3 
Pharmacokinetics of antipsychotic drugs in severe mental disorder (concentration drug ratio)3 
Response to bleomycin (chromatid breaks)3 
Vitamin D insufficiency3 
Gait variability3 
Glucocorticoid-induced osteonecrosis (time dependent analysis)3 
Hashimoto thyroiditis versus Graves' disease3 
IgM levels3 
Pneumoconiosis in silica exposure3 
Pulmonary emphysema3 
MGMT methylation in smokers3 
Functional MRI3 
Diabetes in response to antihypertensive drug treatment (treatment strategy interaction)3 
Behavioral disturbance or psychiatric symptoms and prion disease3 
Diabetes (gestational)3 
Asthma (toluene diisocyanate-induced)3 
Plasma thyroid-stimulating hormone levels3 
Hypertension risk in short sleep duration3 
Anxiety and major depressive disorder3 
Free thyroxine concentration3 
Serum vitamin D-binding protein levels3 
Adverse response to radiation therapy3 
Cardiac muscle measurement3 
Adverse response to chemotherapy in breast cancer (alopecia) (cyclophosphamide+epirubicin+/-5FU)3 
Plasma renin activity levels3 
Pre bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio in never-smokers3 
Age-related macular degeneration (smoking status interaction)3 
Prothrombin fragments F1+2 levels in ischemic stroke3 
Asthma (bronchodilator response)3 
Ewing sarcoma3 
World class endurance athleticism3 
Suicide ideation score in major depressive disorder3 
Gray matter volume (schizophrenia interaction)3 
Urinary electrolytes (magnesium/calcium ratio)3 
Colorectal cancer (calcium intake interaction)3 
Beta thalassemia/hemoglobin E disease3 
Response to serotonin reuptake inhibitors in non-psychotic unipolar depression3 
Response to cholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer's disease3 
Pediatric bone mineral content (radius)3 
Antipsychotic-induced QTc interval prolongation3 
Suicide attempts in depression or bipolar disorder3 
General cognitive ability3 
Black vs. non-black hair color3 
Alcohol consumption (maxi-drinks)3 
Ischemic stroke (cardioembolic)3 
Monocyte early outgrowth colony forming units3 
Response to platinum-based agents3 
Response to carboplatin and paclitaxel in ovarian cancer (Caspase 3/7 EC50)3 
Mood disorder in prion disease3 
Hearing impairment3 
Overweight status3 
Acute kidney injury in coronary artery bypass surgery (creatinine rise)3 
Mood disorder and prion disease3 
Chronic kidney disease (severe chronic kidney disease vs normal kidney function) in type 1 diabetes3 
Serum alpha1-antitrypsin levels3 
Cortical thickness3 
Kidney disease (early stage) in type 1 diabetes3 
Fetal hemoglobin levels in sickle cell anemia2 
Blue vs. brown eyes2 
Bipolar disorder (age of onset and psychotic symptoms)2 
Carotenoid and tocopherol levels2 
Height adjusted BMI2 
AR-C124910XX levels in individuals with acute coronary syndromes treated with ticagrelor2 
Lobular breast cancer (menopausal hormone therapy interaction)2 
Epirubicin-induced leukopenia2 
Caudate nucleus volume2 
Response to carboplatin in ovarian cancer (MTT IC50)2 
Binge eating behaviour and bipolar disorder2 
Response to statins (HDL cholesterol change)2 
Multiple myeloma (survival)2 
Thoracic-to-hip circumference ratio2 
Response to thiopurine in inflammatory bowel disease (leukopenia)2 
Crohn's disease and celiac disease2 
Disease-free survival in breast cancer2 
Survival in colorectal cancer (non-distant metastatic)2 
Ischemic stroke (undetermined subtype)2 
Blood pressure (anthropometric measures interaction)2 
Hereditary hemochromatosis-related traits (HFE mutation homozygotes)2 
Congenital heart disease2 
Urinary albumin excretion rate in type 1 diabetes2 
Sepsis from pneumonia (survival)2 
Caffeine metabolism (plasma 1,7-dimethylxanthine (paraxanthine) level)2 
Neutrophil count in HIV-infection2 
B-type natriuretic peptide2 
Gestational age at birth in labor-initiated deliveries (maternal effect)2 
IgE levels in asthmatics (D.f. specific)2 
Brain cytoarchitecture2 
Sleep depth2 
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in childhood (B cell precursor)2 
Ankle-brachial index2 
Puberty onset2 
DDT metabolite (p,p'-DDE levels)2 
Lower facial height2 
Response to inhaled glucocorticoid treatment in asthma (change in FEV1)2 
Behavioral disturbance or psychiatric symptoms in prion disease2 
Serum lipase activity2 
Response to montelukast in asthma (change in FEV1)2 
Body mass (lean)2 
Digit length ratio2 
Hand grip strength2 
Asthma (corticosteroid response)2 
Schizophrenia (age at onset)2 
Response to paclitaxel in ovarian cancer (Caspase 3/7 EC50)2 
Puberty onset (breast development)2 
Reading or mathematical ability2 
Helicobacter pylori serologic status2 
Dilated cardiomyopathy2 
Myopia (severe)2 
Birdshot chorioretinopathy2 
Chronic periodontitis2 
Cardiovascular disease in hypertension (calcium channel blocker interaction)2 
Exfoliation glaucoma or exfoliation syndrome2 
Femoral neck bone geometry2 
Retinol levels2 
Body mass index and cholesterol (psychopharmacological treatment)2 
Liver injury in anti-tuberculosis drug treatment2 
Event free survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with immunochemotherapy2 
Cirrhosis (alcohol related)2 
Cognitive decline2 
Crohn's disease (need for surgery)2 
Plasma cystastin c levels in acute coronary syndrome2 
HDL cholesterol levels2 
Response to carboplatin and paclitaxel in ovarian cancer (MTT IC50)2 
Rotator cuff tears2 
Exploratory eye movement dysfunction in schizophrenia (mean eye scanning length)2 
Congenital heart malformation2 
Sclerosing cholangitis and ulcerative colitis (combined)2 
Left ventricular QRS voltage2 
Response to fenofibrate (LDL cholesterol levels)2 
Cytokine-stimulated IL-6 production2 
Kidney disease (end stage renal disease vs non-end stage renal disease) in type 1 diabetes2 
Underweight status2 
IgG response to Plasmodium falciparum antigens (GLURP, MSP2 FC27, MSP2 3D7)2 
Lachrymal/Salivary gland lesion in type 1 autoimmune pancreatitis2 
Bipolar I disorder2 
Basal metabolic rate2 
Superior crus of antihelix expression2 
Fuchs's corneal dystrophy2 
Large B-cell lymphoma2 
Cytokine and corticosteroid-stimulated IL-6 production2 
S-phenylmercapturic acid levels in smokers2 
Retinal arteriolar caliber2 
Fat body mass2 
Breast cancer (menopausal hormone therapy interaction)2 
Paraoxonase activity2 
Cluster headache2 
Pulmonary artery enlargement in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease2 
Betaine levels in individuals undergoing cardiac evaluation2 
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sporadic)2 
Interleukin-18 levels2 
Forced expiratory volume in 1 second2 
Obstructive sleep apnea2 
Antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain2 
Gestational age at birth (maternal effect)2 
Cerebrospinal AB1-42 levels in Alzheimer's disease dementia2 
C-reactive protein levels in ischemic stroke2 
Alcoholism (12-month weekly alcohol consumption)2 
Comprehensive strength and appendicular lean mass2 
Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis2 
Gene methylation in lung tissue2 
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease2 
Cataracts in type 2 diabetes2 
Left ventricular mass2 
HbA2 levels2 
Phytosterol levels2 
Response to fenofibrate (total cholesterol levels)2 
Urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio in diabetes2 
Colorectal cancer (aspirin and/or NSAID use interaction)2 
Speech perception in dyslexia2 
Prothrombin time2 
Sagittal craniosynostosis2 
Lung cancer (asbestos exposure interaction)2 
Cleft lip2 
Angiotensin-converting enzyme activity2 
Allergic dermatitis (nickel)2 
Orofacial clefts (interaction)2 
Lymphocyte counts2 
Incident coronary heart disease2 
Factor VII levels2 
Vaccine-related adverse events2 
Primary sclerosing cholangitis2 
Response to fenofibrate (HDL cholesterol levels)2 
Major depressive disorder (stressful life events interaction)2 
Type 2 diabetes (young onset) and obesity2 
Mean forced vital capacity from 2 exams2 
Response to protease inhibitor treatment in hepatitis c (peak serum total bilirubin levels)2 
Response to methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis2 
Obesity and osteoporosis2 
Nephrotic syndrome (acquired)2 
Length of menstrual cycle2 
Pediatric areal bone mineral density (radius)2 
Sleep duration (oversleepers vs undersleepers)2 
Lung cancer (smoking interaction)2 
Metastasis at diagnosis in osteosarcoma2 
Response to haloperidol in psychosis2 
Response to irinotecan in non-small-cell lung cancer2 
Arsenic metabolism2 
Response to fenofibrate (triglyceride levels)2 
Chronic myeloid leukemia2 
Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity in childhood cancer2 
Atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter2 
Otitis media (chronic)2 
Lung Cancer (DNA repair capacity)2 
Iris color2 
Fractional exhaled nitric oxide levels2 
Body mass index (age interaction)2 
Medication adherence in chronic diseases2 
Liver disease severity in Alagille syndrome2 
Resting oxygen saturation in chronic osbtructive pulmonary disease (pulse oxymetry)2 
Bitter taste response1 
Protein biomarker1 
Urinary symptoms in response to radiotherapy in prostate cancer1 
Skin fluorescence in type 1 diabetes1 
Exhaled carbon monoxide levels1 
Puberty onset (genital enlargement)1 
Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes1 
Aging (facial)1 
Recombination rate (females)1 
Coronary restenosis1 
diarrhoeal disease at age 11 
Cerebrospinal fluid clusterin levels in APOEe4- carriers1 
Tardive dyskinesia1 
Vascular dementia1 
Adverse response to aromatase inhibitors1 
Diabetes (incident)1 
Osteoarthritis (hand, severe)1 
Thyroid-associated orbitopathy in graves' disease1 
Cholesterol and Triglycerides1 
Binge eating behaviour in bipolar disorder1 
Sasang constitutional medicine type (So-Eum)1 
Temporomandibular joint disorders1 
Hippocampal sclerosis of aging1 
Progranulin levels1 
Recombination rate (males)1 
Bronchial hyperresponsiveness in asthma1 
Borderline personality disorder features1 
Parental longevity (at least one long-lived parent)1 
Caffeine metabolism (plasma 3,7-dimethylxanthine (theobromine) level)1 
diarrhoeal disease at age 2 with doctor diagnosis1 
Aggressive periodontitis (sex interaction)1 
LDL (oxidized)1 
Odorant perception (β-damascenone)1 
Postburn hypertrophic scarring severity1 
Bronchial neuroendocrine tumor1 
Parkinson's disease (pesticide exposure interaction)1 
Cerebrospinal fluid clusterin levels in APOEe4+ carriers1 
Mosaic loss of chromosome Y1 
Hip bone size1 
Cholelithiasis-related traits in sickle cell anemia1 
Depressive symptoms1 
Joint damage progression in ACPA-negative rheumatoid arthritis1 
C4b binding protein levels1 
Endothelial function traits1 
Risky sexual behaviors (alcohol dependence interaction)1 
Neuranatomic and neurocognitive phenotypes1 
diarrhoeal disease at age 1 with doctor diagnosis1 
Cold medicine related Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS-TEN) with severe mucosal involvement1 
Crohn's disease and sarcoidosis (combined)1 
Methamphetamine dependence1 
Pulse pressure in young-onset hypertension1 
Thyroid cancer (Papillary, radiation-related)1 
Circulating cell-free DNA1 
Kidney disease (early and late stages) in type 1 diabetes1 
HIV-1 replication1 
Early response to risperidone in schizophrenia1 
Body mass in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease1 
Serum ceruloplasmin levels1 
Cleft plate (environmental tobacco smoke interaction)1 
Non-small cell lung cancer (recurrence rate)1 
Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (severe)1 
Coronary arterial lesions in patients with Kawasaki disease1 
Smoking behaviour (cigarettes smoked per day)1 
Allergic rhinitis in asthma1 
Serum IgA levels1 
Tooth agenesis (third molar)1 
Aortic stiffness1 
Bilirubin levels in extreme obesity1 
Spine bone mineral density and alcohol drinking1 
Psychosis (methamphetamine induced)1 
Aspartate aminotransferase1 
Kashin-Beck disease1 
Suicidal ideation in depression or bipolar disorder1 
Alzheimer's disease or small vessel stroke1 
Odorant perception (β-ionone)1 
Coronary heart disease event reduction in response to statin therapy (interaction)1 
Yang-deficiency constitution1 
Cardiovascular heart disease in diabetics1 
Small-cell lung cancer (survival)1 
Cystatin C1 
Drug abuse1 
Coagulation factor levels1 
Response to paclitaxel in ovarian cancer (MTT IC50)1 
Job-related exhaustion in shift workers1 
Sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes1 
Obesity in adult survivors of childhood cancer not exposed to cranial radiation1 
Plasma homocysteine levels1 
Lean body mass and age at menarche (combined)1 
Chronic bronchitis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease1 
Breast cancer-free interval (treatment with aromatase inhibitor)1 
Progression free survival in metastatic colorectal cancer (treatment interaction)1 
High serum lipase activity1 
Response to radiotherapy in prostate cancer (toxicity)1 
Episodic memory1 
Odorant perception (isobutyraldehyde)1 
Glaucoma (exfoliation)1 
Substance dependence1 
Factor VIII levels1 
diarrhoeal disease at age 21 
Cough in response to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor drugs1 
Multiple sclerosis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis1 
Depressive symptoms measurement (somatic complaints domain)1 
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (adolescents and young adults)1 
Antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain (time interaction)1 
Survival in endocrine treated breast cancer (estrogen-receptor positive)1 
Survival in head and neck cancer1 
Coronary spasm1 
Lapatinib-induced hepatotoxicity1 
E-selectin levels1 
Ribavirin-induced anemia1 
Response to metformin1 
Developmental dysplasia of the hip1 
Sex ratio1 
Iron deficiency1 
Glomerular filtration rate in diabetics (creatinine)1 
HDL Cholesterol in HIV-infection1 
IgG1 response to Plasmodium falciparum antigen (GLURP)1 
Rheumatoid factor seropositivity in rheumatoid arthritis1 
Kidney disease (late stage) in type 1 diabetes1 
Hypersomnia during a major depressive episode in bipolar disorder1 
LDL cholesterol levels1 
Intracerebral hemorrhage1 
Diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes1 
Soluble leptin receptor levels1 
Brachial circumference1 
5-HTT brain serotonin transporter levels1 
Premature ovarian failure1 
Soluble E-selectin levels1 
Homoarginine levels1 
IFN-related cytopenia1 
Response to metformin in type 2 diabetes (glycemic)1 
Spine bone size1 
HIV-1 progression1 
Aspirin hydrolysis (plasma)1 
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder motor coordination1 
Opioid dependence1 
Recombination measurement (males)1 
Platelet function and related traits1 
Morphine dose requirement in tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgery1 
Myocardial infarction in hypertension (calcium channel blocker interaction)1 
Cerebral amyloid deposition positivity (PET imaging)1 
Entorhinal cortical volume (Alzheimer's disease interaction)1 
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or frontotemporal dementia1 
Trans-epidermal water loss1 
Platinum-induced myelosuppression in non-small cell lung cancer1 
Handedness in dyslexia1 
YKL-40 levels1 
Mathematical ability in children with dyslexia1 
Fentanyl consumption in laparoscopic-assisted colectomy (first 24 hours)1 
Serum VEGFR2 concentration1 
Breast cancer in BRCA2 mutation carriers1 
Recombination measurement (females)1 
Atrioventricular septal defects in Down syndrome1 
Peak creatinine levels in vancomycin therapy1 
Arterial stiffness1 
Small vessel stroke1 
Nicotine glucouronidation1 
End-stage renal disease1 
Beta-trace protein levels1 
Neuroblastoma (high-risk)1 
Response to Dalcetrapib treatment in acute coronary syndrome1 
End-stage renal disease (non-diabetic)1 
Serum IgE levels1 
Anterior chamber depth1 
IgA levels1 
Kidney disease (end stage renal disease vs normoalbuminuria) in type 1 diabetes1 
Response to temozolomide1 
Entorhinal cortical volume1 
Lipid levels in hepatitis C treatment1 
Ideal cardiovascular health (clinical and behavioural)1 
Job-related exhaustion1 
lower facial morphology traits (quantitative measurement)1 
Fibrinogen levels in ischemic stroke1 
Otitis media (chronic/recurrent)1 
Breast cancer (estrogen-receptor positive)1 
Thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections1 
Cortical structure (interaction)1 
Meningococcal disease1 
Response to protease inhibitor treatment in hepatitis c (bilirubin toxicity)1 
Response to clopidogrel therapy1 
Major mood disorders1 
Estrogen receptor status in HER2 negative breast cancer1 
Moyamoya disease1 
Antitragus size1 
Chronic kidney disease (chronic kidney disease vs normal or mildly reduced eGFR) in type 1 diabetes1 
Bone mineral density (wrist)1 
Ideal cardiovascular health (clinical)1 
Bipolar disorder (mania)1 
Smoking status (current vs former)1 
Inflammatory biomarkers in Kawasaki disease1 
Fasting plasma glucose (childhood)1 
Anxiety disorder (factor score)1 
Duodenal ulcer1 
Tragus size1 
End-stage renal disease in Type 1 diabetics1 
Schizophrenia (cytomegalovirus infection interaction)1 
Response to tamoxifen in breast cancer1 
Haptoglobin levels1 
B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma1 
Estrogen receptor status in breast cancer1 
Cardia gastric cancer1 
Memory performance1 
Pulmonary arterial hypertension (without BMPR2 mutations)1 
Survival in colorectal cancer1 
Pharmacokinetics of antidepressant drugs in severe mental disorder (concentration dose ratio)1 
Bronchodilator response in asthma1 
Congenital left-sided heart lesions (maternal effect)1 
Spontaneous preterm birth (preterm delivery)1 
Facial morphology1 
Colorectal cancer (oestrogen-progestogen hormone therapy interaction)1 
Osteonecrosis of the jaw1 
Small intestine neuroendocrine tumor1 
Age-related macular degeneration (CNV vs. GA)1 
Cerivastatin-induced rhabdomyolysis1 
Major CVD1 
Body mass index variance1 
Suicide attempts in major depressive disorder1 
Alloimmunization response to red blood cell transfusion in sickle cell anemia1 
Serum ferritin levels1 
Airway hyperresponsiveness1 
Calcaneal bone ultrasound measurement (speed of sound)1 
Pulmonary artery enlargement and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease1 
Response to diuretic therapy in hypertension1 
Vitiligo (non-segmental)1 
Diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetes1 
Cardiovascular disease in hypertension (ACE inhibitor interaction)1 
Crohn's disease (time to surgery)1 
Age-related macular degeneration (wet)1 
Drug-induced torsades de pointes1 
Ischemic stroke (small artery occlusion)1 
Aortic-valve calcification1 
Pericardial fat1 
Bipolar disorder (early onset)1 
Entorhinal cortical thickness (Alzheimer's disease interaction)1 
Vaspin levels1 
Noise-induced hearing loss1 
Iron levels1 
Methotrexate clearance (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)1 
Parkinson's disease (familial)1 
Esophageal squamous cell cancer (length of survival)1 
Thiopurine methyltransferase activity in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients treated with mercaptopurines1 
Emotional dysregulation1 
Glomerular filtration rate (cystatin C)1